It is often said that you can’t run Liu Xiang, but you must run CPI. Behind this seemingly joke, there is a profound meaning. Over the years, the cost of milk powder, diapers, baby-sitting (nanny) and morning classes has risen dramatically, and the cost of raising children is rising rapidly. Many people are lamenting that it is becoming more and more difficult to raise a child.

The cost of living is increasing year by year, and the cost of reproductive education is also increasing rapidly. The word “competition” has become the core keyword of survival. Nowadays, the young parents of the post-80s generation and their grandparents have different ideas about raising their children. Many parents are trying to cultivate their next generation, hoping that their children will not lose at the starting line. This is not only to give children good food, clothes, play, but also to give children the best education. With CPI rising, how can young parents face the soaring cost of raising their children?

Post-80s parents’sadness self-test:

1. The expenditure of a family is almost entirely for the children.

2. In order to spend money on children, the money spent on oneself is greatly reduced.

3. Often buy brand clothes and toys for children.

4. Believe firmly that the most expensive foreign milk powder is the best.

5. Often take the child to toss and turn between the various early childhood education institutions.

6. For the sake of children, they willingly became “house slaves” and “car slaves”.

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Page 1: Parents’Symptoms of Parenting after 80s Page 2: Case 1: I earn 4,000 a month, Nurse 3,000 Page 3: Case 2: The cost of education is higher than everything else.

Page 4: Case 3: Suffering oneself can’t suffer children. Page 5: I suggest that the poor should be well-fed and the poor should be well-fed.

Page 1: Self-test of “Symptoms” in Parenting of Post-80s Parents

Page 2: Case 1: I earn 4,000 a month and 3,000 a month as a nanny.

Page 3: Case 2: Education costs more than anything else

Page 4: Case 3: Pain oneself can’t suffer children

Page 5: I suggest that the poor be rich and well-off


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