The other day, I heard my friend Tucao make complaints about her baby’s wet pants every night. Changing diapers for your baby is the first lesson for every novice parent. It seems simple, but it is not easy to operate. If you don’t pay attention to some problems, it will not only affect the use effect of diapers, but also may affect the development of your baby.

Four wrong ways to change diapers

1. Lift your baby’s feet up

When some mothers change diapers for their babies, they are used to lifting the baby’s feet high, making half of the baby’s body empty, and then putting the diapers under the baby’s buttocks. Baby to change several times a day diapers, often repeat this action, it is easy to cause the baby’s spine injury. The right way is to hold the baby’s feet up a little, or gently hold up the baby’s buttocks. (pay attention to wechat subscription number: parent child time of Duoma, talk about parenting)

2. Change diapers after the baby drinks milk

When changing diapers, the baby likes to move around and refuses to cooperate well. Only when he has enough milk can he be quiet. But don’t change diapers for your baby at this time, because when changing diapers, your baby needs to lie flat, and lying flat can easily lead to the baby who has just finished drinking milk spitting. It is suggested that mothers change their babies before feeding.

3. To keep warm, wear thick diapers in winter

Some mothers feel cold in winter, diapers should also wear thick, good water absorption and warmth, but also adhere to a relatively long time to change, so that the baby does not have to often take off the pants, causing him to freeze. Do you know why the baby has a red butt? It’s because it’s stuffy out of the diapers for a long time. The air permeability of thick diapers is relatively poor, and it contains more cotton and fluffy pulp. It is easy to agglomerate after absorbing urine, which will not only make the baby uncomfortable, but also affect the baby’s action.

4. Wipe the baby’s red buttocks with a wet towel

Red buttocks are diaper rashes. Babies get diaper rash. Do not use paper towels or wipes to wipe the baby’s butt. The essence or moisturizer in wet tissue will stimulate baby’s skin and increase eczema. After the baby pulls the stool, should use the clear water to clean, then uses the clean towel or the cotton cloth to wipe baby’s buttock gently. In order to keep the baby’s buttocks clean and dry, mothers can also let the baby lie in the sun when the weather is good.

Five tips to keep baby from leaking urine

Why do people say that this diaper is super easy to use, and my baby will still leak urine when using it? In fact, it is very likely that mothers will not use it correctly. Now the weather is cold, baby a leak urine will wet pants, it is easy to catch cold, want to let baby no longer leak urine, look at these five skills:

1. The size should be suitable

If you want your baby not to leak urine, it’s essential to wear the right size. Each baby’s body size is different, the same is 8 months old two babies, they use the size of diapers may be different. Therefore, when buying diapers, mothers should not only judge the size according to the weight and age of the baby, but also observe the effect of the baby after wearing them. If the baby’s diapers are a little loose, it means that the size is large, so it is easier to leak urine. But also can’t buy the size is too small, otherwise will strangle to baby’s thigh and waist.

2. Short front and long back to prevent back leakage

When the baby lies sleeping, urine is easy to leak from the back. When mothers wear diapers for the baby, they should pay attention to putting the back slightly higher than the abdomen, so as to better prevent urine from leaking out from the back of the buttocks. When buying diapers, you can also choose high waist design.

3. The leakproof side is erect

After putting on diapers for the baby, mothers can put their fingers into the diapers to feel whether the tightness is appropriate. They also need to check whether the leak proof side of the diapers is folded up. Only by erecting the leak proof side can they effectively prevent the side leakage.

4. Both sides of the Velcro should be aligned

Generally, there are scales on the left and right sides of the pasting area of diapers. Mothers adjust the position according to the baby’s waist circumference, and ensure that the left and right sides are aligned and pasted well, so as to avoid wearing crooked. Wear diapers for your baby can’t be too tight or too loose. The gap between your baby’s thighs can almost reach into one finger. (pay attention to wechat subscription number: parent child time of Duoma, talk about parenting)

5. Change diapers in time

Most of the time, the baby’s diaper is actually because the diaper is full. Mothers should pay attention to the condition of the baby’s diaper. If they find that the diaper becomes thicker and heavier, they should replace it in time. But don’t wait until the baby’s urine is full to change diapers. There are a lot of bacteria in the diapers that suck up enough urine, which will cause irritation to the baby’s skin and cause red buttocks.


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