Misunderstandings: first, the taste of acute stage is heavy

When children with hand foot mouth disease are sick, their mental state and gastrointestinal digestive function will be affected to some extent. Coarse, difficult to digest and irritating food will aggravate the burden of children’s gastrointestinal tract, resulting in oral and gastrointestinal discomfort in children. Therefore, parents of children with hand foot mouth disease in acute stage need to prepare light and easy to digest liquid food with appropriate temperature, so as to avoid the stimulation and damage of food on oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract of children with hand foot mouth disease, and promote better absorption of nutrition. Parents can also prepare a straw for children to relieve their resistance to oral pain when eating.

Children with HFMD should eat less and more meals to maintain their basic nutritional needs. When the children enter the recovery period, the food can be gradually changed into mud paste and normal diet. Some foods that children are interested in can be selected to improve their appetite, and high calorie and high nutrient intake are needed for daily activities. In addition, children under one year old should reduce the amount of complementary food or stop complementary food during the sick period, so as to avoid indigestion.

Misunderstanding 2: let children drink cold milk to get rid of summer heat

Cold food can cause diarrhea, cold food, and lead to diarrhea.

Misunderstandings: it doesn’t matter if you keep it for a long time

If the fresh soybean milk is stored for a long time, it will cause bacterial reproduction, food deterioration, and aggravate the gastrointestinal discomfort of children with hand foot mouth disease. Therefore, the fresh soybean milk should not be placed for more than four hours. It is better to drink it within two hours to ensure the freshness of children’s food.

Myth 4: Vegetarianism during illness

There is a folk saying that children in the disease during the diet to “whole vegetarian, do not move meat and fishy.”. This is wrong. Due to the complete vegetarian diet, milk, eggs and other nutrients are excluded, the nutritional quality is not enough, lack of high-quality protein, and antibody is a protein, so the whole element is not appropriate.


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