Just because the baby is on fire and he can’t tell you in words doesn’t mean we don’t know. From the baby’s tongue, corners of the eyes, palms, and even anus, you can find the baby’s small hints of fire. Let’s see how to judge whether the baby is on fire or not, and how to put out the fire.

1. Anal color has implications

Judgment: The baby’s anus should normally be pink, but when there is heat in the intestine, the color of the anus will be red, if the color is very deep, the mother should be more careful, because this means that the baby’s internal fire is very large.

Fire extinguishing tricks: If the mother finds the baby’s anus is red, she should adjust the baby’s diet in time, and give the baby more fire-fighting vegetables or fruits, such as tomatoes, sugar cane juice, or drink light bamboo leaf water, light rattan tea and so on. Usually you can use pear silk, white radish silk, lotus root silk drip on honey, ooze out juice to baby to drink, very effective oh.

2. Talk with eye droppings at the corners of the eyes

Judgment: If there is eye droppings in the corners of the eyes, the mother should not be careless. This is a message from the baby’s body. The appearance of eye droppings shows that the baby’s liver is burning. Babies with hot temper tend to lose their temper and disobey, which makes their mothers work harder.

Fire extinguishing trick: Mother can spread peanut butter and sugar on baby’s fresh celery, or squeeze celery juice and cook porridge. Pay attention to sleeping time. Babies should not sleep too late.

3. The tongue is “spoken for” in color

Judgment: If the tongue and the edge of the tongue are red, this is the symptom of burning, indicating that the baby has intentional fire. The baby with intentional fire is usually thirsty during the day, and is prone to toss and turn at night, and sleeps unsteadily, and sleeps poorly.

Fire extinguishing tricks: There are still a lot of food to dispel heartburn, such as buying fresh lotus seeds in time for summer, peeling them directly for children to eat. In addition, bamboo and eggplant can also be oh, the best is vegetarian fried, steamed, do not use so much oil on the line.


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