“Don’t bring your baby to the sun. It’s not good to tan.” Hearing the elders say, young parents may be speechless. It is self-evident whether it is important or important to be healthy. Summer babies need to sunbathe, but also need to be healthy sunbathe, sunbathe incorrectly, not only the problem of suntan, but also may make the baby’s skin sunburn, or even heat stroke. Take your baby in the sun and choose the right time. Choose the right place. Below, I’ll send you tips.

Bring your baby in the sun to make your baby grow strong.

Pediatricians point out that sunlight can help babies get more vitamin D, help babies better intake and absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so that the baby’s bones grow strong and strong, and sunlight on infant rickets and cartilage disease prevention. Proper sunbathing can promote blood circulation throughout the body, and help to exercise cardiorespiratory function. And the proper acceptance of ultraviolet radiation, can effectively eliminate the baby’s skin bacteria, enhance skin resistance. Proper exposure to the sun can also make phagocytes more active and enhance the baby’s immune function.

Therefore, the mother might as well give the baby a healthy sun plan, so that the baby thrives.

Choose the right time for your baby to bask in the sun.

In the hot sun, taking your baby to the sun if you choose the wrong time, the baby may be hurt, which is not conducive to the growth of the baby. Summer 10:00 a.m. – 14:00 p.m. when the UV is strongest, this time period is not suitable to take the baby to the sun, or easy to sunburn skin, or even heatstroke oh!

Summer with the baby healthy sunshine to choose the most appropriate time, 7:00-9:00 a.m., 16:00-18:00 p.m., these time periods are more appropriate. If the baby is still small, inconvenient to go out, can also be in the balcony or window in the home sun, but do not cross the glass sun, because the ability of ultraviolet light penetrating the glass is weak, across the glass will reduce the sun effect.

Choose the right place for your baby to bask in the sun.

Taking your baby in the sun is not to expose your baby to a hot sun. Baby’s delicate skin, direct sunlight is easy to burn the skin, hot weather but also to prevent the baby from heatstroke, so choose the right place, in order to make the baby sun more healthy.

Experts say there is refracted light in the shade, and although the intensity is lower than the ultraviolet rays in direct sunlight, it can also meet the needs of calcium supplements for babies. So it’s not necessary for parents to expose their babies to the sun in the hot summer, at the risk of getting sunburned. Take your baby in the sun, you can choose open-air parks or squares, these places are more suitable for the environment. Sun bathing under the shade, and pay attention to mosquito control!

Tips for baby bathing in the sun

1. Don’t spend more than 30 minutes in the sun every time: the time you take your baby to the sun depends on the baby’s age and the baby’s ability to adapt to the sun. Start with a sun for 5-10 minutes, then gradually increase, but each sunbath is best not to exceed 30 minutes. In the sunshine process, if the baby has skin redness, excessive sweating and other abnormal conditions, should immediately go home, and let the baby drink more water.

2. Appropriate application of sunscreen: If the baby in the outdoor activities for a long time, remember to apply sunscreen to the baby before going out, it is recommended to apply half an hour before going out, and every 2-3 hours to the baby again. Under normal circumstances, the baby can be applied in 6 months after the baby special sunscreen cream.

3. Wear a sunshade cap and hold an umbrella: Do not think that the baby is safe to apply sunscreen, you know, the summer sun is very poisonous, parents had better wear a sunshade cap for the baby or to support an umbrella for the baby. If your baby is sitting in a baby carriage, you can also use baby car screen to protect yourself from sunscreen.

Babies need to bask in the sun all year round, and don’t forget to take your baby out for a while even if it’s hot in summer, so that your baby can grow healthier.


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