Children’s winter diarrhea is a common disease in children’s winter, which mostly occurs from mid November to December, with the climax in November. The cause of infantile diarrhea in winter is mostly rotavirus infection. Rotavirus can breed quickly in the process of temperature decline, because the baby’s resistance is weak, the tolerance is worse than that of adults, and the body’s immunity can not adapt to the mutation of this weather quickly, so it is vulnerable to the virus. Therefore, parents should take the following six preventive measures in time:

Point 1: promote breastfeeding

It is most important to encourage breast-feeding, especially in the first few months after birth, because breast milk is most suitable for the baby’s nutritional needs and digestive ability. Breast milk contains IgA, which can prevent rotavirus infection. If artificial feeding should pay attention to food hygiene, wash and scald tableware with boiling water before each feeding, and it is best to boil it once a day.

Point 2: add complementary food on time

The growth and development of children is rapid, whether breast-feeding or artificial feeding, children should add complementary food on time to meet the nutritional needs. When adding supplementary food, the variety should not be too much, the change should not be too frequent, and the baby should gradually adapt to the new food before gradually adding other food. Specifically, when adding complementary food, we should pay attention to the baby’s digestive ability, each time can only increase one, from less to more, gradually increase. Generally, vitamin C and D are added half a month after birth, vegetable soup, milk cake or rice paste are added 2-3 months after birth, and egg yolk, minced meat and broken vegetables are added 4-6 months after birth.

Key point 3: strengthen the physique

At ordinary times, we should strengthen outdoor activities, improve the ability to adapt to the natural environment, pay attention to children’s physical exercise, enhance physique, improve body resistance, and avoid infection with various diseases.

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