Diaper rash is the most common skin problem in infants. It is an inflammation of the buttocks of infants, also known as buttock redness.

Because urine contains urate, feces contain indole and other irritant substances, fecal bacteria will also decompose urine, release uric acid, ammonia and other substances, they will make the whole environment of diapers become alkaline, after carrying diapers, these substances continue to stimulate the skin, coupled with the baby’s delicate skin, red buttocks occur.

Seven causes of red buttocks

1. The diaper was not replaced in time. If children don’t change their diapers in time after urination, especially at night, or use disposable diapers from night till dawn, and don’t change their diapers for a long time, urine can cause irritation to buttock skin.

2. Cleaning after defecation is not timely. The newborn’s stool is thin and large, and breast-feeding newborns usually have 4-5 stools a day. Because of carrying diapers, stool often covers the whole hip. Some parents or nannies use diapers to wipe the feces from the buttocks after defecating, but they don’t clean the buttocks. As a result, the whole buttocks still adhere to the residual urine. When they carry diapers again, red buttocks occur in the humid and irritating environment.

3. Wet buttocks. Clinical once met a pair of parents to the baby’s care is particularly careful, careful, not only after defecating the baby’s buttocks clean, and every time after urinating all clean buttocks. In summer, I take a bath 2-3 times a day. In winter, I take a bath almost every day. Every time I wash my buttocks or put a layer of powder on my buttocks after taking a bath, I can say that I do my best. After cleaning, change into a clean diaper and wrap it with a layer of plastic paper to clean the baby, but the baby still has red buttocks. This kind of situation produces the reason of red buttock is local wet. The skin of children’s buttocks is wrinkled, and the water is not easy to dry after cleaning the buttocks. Immediately wrap a diaper, and then wrap it with plastic paper to make the local air tight; And wet buttock pats powder, it seems to make buttock skin dry, but actually the powder becomes a piece of water absorption, not only local still wet, and powder also form irritation to the skin. Wet environment makes the resistance of local skin drop and red buttock occurs.

4. The diaper is rough and has poor water absorption. Some parents don’t realize that the baby’s skin is very delicate. The diapers they prepare are rough or made of chemical fiber cloth, which have poor water absorption and make the local skin more moist; When wiping the buttocks, the skin is damaged due to rough action and hard diaper, and then red buttocks are more likely to occur in humid and irritating environment. New research suggests that dampness can contribute to the development of diaper rash.

5. The number of stools increased due to diarrhea.

6. Soap or detergent left on diapers.

7. Change of pH value. Babies who eat milk have alkaline stools, which can easily promote the reproduction of bacteria, so they are more likely to suffer from diaper rash. In addition, digestive enzymes in stool will be activated in alkaline environment to further digest proteins such as cuticle of skin. As cuticle is dissolved, baby’s skin will be more directly stimulated and damaged.

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Page 1: causes of diaper rash

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