Infant touch is not a very precise technique. Every new father and mother can touch their children at home after a period of practice. Moreover, touching should start as early as possible and last until the child grows up. Even for older children, touching can still play a role in eliminating tension. Liu Jiping believes that the new father and mother can practice according to the following touching details.

1. Massage the baby’s head gently and draw a smile on the child’s upper and lower lips with the thumb, so that the child can fully feel the joy.

2. Place both hands on the rib margin of the infant, slide the right hand upward towards the infant’s right shoulder, then gradually return to the original place; the left hand in the same way.

3. Massage infant umbilical cord clockwise, but pay attention not to massage the area before umbilical scab falls off.

4. Place your hands flat on the baby’s back, massage from the neck down, then gently massage the muscles on both sides of the spine with your fingertips, and then move circuitously from the neck to the bottom again.

5. Drop the baby’s hands down, hold his arm with one hand, gently squeeze it from the wrist of his upper arm, then massage his fingers with his fingers, and massage the other hand with the same technique.

6. Massage the baby’s thighs, knees and calves, gently squeeze them from thighs to ankles, then massage the ankles and feet; on the premise of ensuring that the ankles are not injured, massage the toes with the thumb from the heel.

7. Each time begins with 5 minutes, then gradually extends to 15-20 minutes, 1-2 times a day. Touch can be properly exerted, because too gentle comfort will itch the baby, but easily cause the baby’s disgust.


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