Due to the fact that diarrhea in infants and young children is a common and highly harmful disease, and many children suffer from malnutrition, it is necessary to pay attention to prevention. Preventive measures include:

Seven Measures to Prevent Baby Diarrhea

① Advocate breastfeeding, as breast milk is a naturally disinfected beverage and can also obtain immune substances from breast milk;

② Reasonably arranging the diet of infants and young children should follow the principle of gradual progression from simple to complex, and from few to many. Every time an auxiliary food is added, it is necessary to observe for a period of time (about 1 week) before changing or adding another food, so that the digestive ability of the baby can gradually adapt;

③ Do a good job in cleaning and disinfecting tableware and cooking utensils. Bottles, bowls, spoons, etc. used by infants and young children should be cleaned after use, boiled and disinfected at least once a day, or blanched with boiling water once before use. Mothers should wash their hands when feeding;

④ It is important to have good hygiene habits, regularly shower and change clean clothes for infants and young children, and wash their buttocks promptly after defecation. Don’t let children develop the bad habit of sucking their fingers, let alone the habit of stuffing their nipples every time they cry;

⑤ Do not let infants and young children come into contact with diarrhea;

⑥ Do more outdoor activities to enhance the body’s disease resistance;

⑦ Eat less raw and cold food to avoid getting cold.

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