Many novice mothers are wondering: in the end, whether the baby within 6 months needs to drink water. Because of different opinions on this issue, there may even be disputes between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The doctor said this:

90% of the ingredients of breast milk are water, and the baby needs little additional water before adding complementary food. Let the baby drink extra water will affect the baby’s milk intake. Therefore, babies who are breast-fed within 6 months do not need additional water.

And the milk powder feeding within 6 months of the baby, as long as the mother in accordance with the proportion of brewing milk powder, its water can fully meet the needs of the baby. If you are not sure whether you have the right proportion of milk powder, it is recommended to buy some graduated bottles.

The above is under normal circumstances within 6 months of the baby’s drinking water.

But the following circumstances can give the baby water.

1. When you have fever or diarrhea, it’s good to give your baby more water.

Water feeding bottle and milk powder feeding bottle had better be separated and disinfected regularly.

2. In addition, if the weather is very hot and the baby sweats a lot, you can also drink water for the baby.

3, 7-12 months have added complementary food baby, can drink more water every day.

The best time to drink water is between two complementary foods. This stage of the baby’s best try to drink water with a glass.

The reason for choosing the water cup is that long-term use of the bottle will affect the chewing function of the baby’s teeth, seriously affect the development of the maxilla and mandible, and even affect the baby’s pronunciation when learning to speak in the future.

If the baby is used to the bottle, it may be more difficult for the baby to replace it with a cup. Then parents can use the duckbill cup or straw cup to make the baby adapt gradually.

The mother must pay attention to the temperature of water when drinking water for the baby. Supercooled or overheated water will be harmful to the baby’s gastric mucosa, affecting his digestive ability for a day. Therefore, some parents will find that the baby does not drink milk all day after drinking water is the reason. In summer, the baby’s best to drink water at the same temperature as the room temperature. In winter, boiled water of about 40 degrees is the most suitable.


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