1. Wash eyes 2. Wipe ears 3. Wipe face and mouth 4. Buttocks 5. Neck, armpit, groin 6. Vulva 7. Prepuce 8. Hand

Specific precautions are as follows:

1. Wash eyes, ears and mouth with cold water.

2. Don’t try to wipe the secretion in nasal cavity and ear canal with cotton swab

On the one hand, it may cause trauma, on the other hand, it may bring in bacteria to cause infection.

3. Wash buttocks with warm water after defecation. Washing and drying should follow the order from the back, that is, from the perineum to the anus, in order to prevent bacteria from the anus contaminating the vagina and causing infection.

4. Don’t separate the labia to clean the inside of the baby girl; don’t push the foreskin up to clean the inside of the baby boy to prevent injury.

5. When taking a bath, be sure to pour in cold water first, then heat the water mixture, test the water temperature with the elbow, and feel warm. If you feel the water hot, it is hot for the baby, which will make her feel uncomfortable. First wrap the baby’s body with a bath towel and wash the face with the method of 1; After that, untie the bath towel and put the baby in the bathtub. Pay attention to holding the child’s opposite armpit to make him feel safe. At the same time, talk to the child to make him relax. When taking a bath, you should focus on washing under the neck, armpit and groin. All skin wrinkles must be washed, and the action should be gentle and quick. The time is about 5-10 minutes. After washing, put the baby in a clean bath towel prepared in advance, wrap it up and hold him Then dry the whole body. You can apply moisturizing oil or talcum powder on the wrinkles of the skin. The oil and powder should be evenly spread on the baby’s skin in your palm. Don’t pour it directly on the baby’s body, because the thick powder will harden when wet, which will hurt the child’s skin. Finally, wrap him in a clean diaper and put on his clothes.

6. Choose suitable skin care products for small infants, and do not use breast milk to wipe the baby’s face, which is not in line with hygiene. Share with


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