Summer is hot and hot, and sweating all the time, the bathroom is the most popular place in the family. Especially the baby, already lively and active, sweat is simply out of the water, a bath every day is not enough. Only, the baby in and out of the bathroom frequently, parents need to pay more attention to the safety details of the bathroom at home, so that the baby safe bath oh.

Skid proof check

Many modern families will install bathtubs if they have conditions. If the use of bathtub for the baby, must pay attention to check the mat and carpet, especially pay attention to whether the edge of wear or tear, to replace in time to avoid accidents. When your baby bathes, he must be with his father or mother. Before taking a bath, Mom and Dad should have all the things they need ready and put them where they can get them. Never leave the baby alone in the bathroom.

When taking a bath, it is best to wrap the faucet in the bathtub with a towel and other things to avoid the baby accidentally opening hot water, burns. After the bath, parents can put the baby on the bath towel on the floor first, do not carry the baby out of the bathtub, in case of an accident slip. After taking a bath, parents should release water in time, so as not to neglect, the baby ran back to steal water, which is prone to drowning accidents.

Develop the habit of “anti scalding”

Home use shower room, if possible, the best use of thermostats in the flower sprinkler, so that it is easier to control the water temperature, lest the water temperature instability, damage the baby’s delicate skin. When you bathe in ordinary time, the temperature of the water heater can be adjusted to below 50 degrees, or middle and low grade. Don’t let the baby touch the faucet, or install the faucet cover. In particular, parents should not force their babies to feel the water temperature, because the baby’s delicate skin, more sensitive to temperature. If the baby’s skin turns red after taking a bath, it’s mostly because of the high temperature of the water, which easily causes the baby’s skin to become fragile, susceptible to infection and skin diseases. If the baby bathtub is bathed, it is safer for mom and dad to test the water temperature with a special thermometer. When bathing water for your baby, your parents should develop the habit of putting cold water first and then slowly hot water. So if the baby mischievously misleads the bathtub, it will not burn.

Measures to prevent electricity

Bathroom has some necessary power facilities, curious babies often like to use their hands, such as cutting the power outlet, which is also very vulnerable to electric shock accidents. Usually, when the bathroom power supply is not used, Mom and Dad can use tape to seal the power supply, or buckle the safety cover. Of course, at best, the baby can’t touch the power, including all the power at home. If the bathroom can be locked, you can always lock the bathroom door when not in use, or install safety buttons, so as not to curious baby sneak into the bathroom accident, injure themselves. At the same time, parents should pay attention to whether the bathroom lock can be opened from the outside, to keep the key outside at any time, so as to avoid the dangerous situation of the baby’s own anti-lock, difficult to deal with.

Pay attention to toilet safety.

Nowadays most families use toilet stool, and the use of toilets is more convenient and comfortable. However, the toilet is sometimes very dangerous for the baby. After all, normal toilets aren’t designed for baby’s little butt. Babies are prone to fall when they use the toilet. Usually, Mom and Dad can put the toilet lid down, but also can be installed for the toilet cover safety opening, so as to avoid the baby naughty when the hands or head into the toilet. Baby toilet, parents to accompany the baby together, can prepare a special toilet for the baby, put a small stool in front of the toilet, let the baby use. All these can reduce the chance of falling baby.

In addition, when the baby learns to crawl, it will begin to explore the “new world” everywhere. Bathroom floor drain is also easy for the baby to be interested in, parents should pay attention to cleaning the floor drain, it is best to wipe it with a dry rag. In order to avoid dirty things, it is easy to arouse the curiosity of the baby. Babies put their hands into the floor drain is very dangerous, easy to hurt hands, parents should pay attention to the care, to avoid the baby crawling into the bathroom itself.


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