Give the baby bath, every parent can do, is also a required course every day. However, do you really know how to wash your baby? Which parts of the baby are most likely to hide filth, and you often ignore it? In fact, different parts of the baby need different care, I carefully sorted out for you baby bath precautions, I hope to help you.

The picture material is from Huagai

No1: umbilicus

After the baby is born, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord and wrap it up with sterile gauze, which will fall off naturally in about a week. If parents bathe their children, they should not soak their children in water for too long. In addition, pad diaper, if the diaper is longer, it is best to fold down in the waist, so as to avoid urine spread to the umbilicus. After taking a bath, disinfect the umbilicus with alcohol cotton, and observe whether there is swelling, water seepage or special smell around the umbilical cord. If there is any abnormality, see a doctor in time.

NO2: buttock care

Butt work is very frequent, if not careful can cause diaper dermatitis. When choosing diaper, should choose cloth diaper and diaper respectively. Generally speaking, diapers are more comfortable, breathable, economical and environmentally friendly. They are easy to use in sunny days and summers. Diapers can be very convenient on rainy days and at night. After defecation, you should wash your buttocks with warm water, especially for children with diarrhea. When you dry your skin with a towel, you should gently absorb the water, instead of wiping the skin back and forth, so as to avoid damaging the delicate perineum and skin around the anus.

Some parents often forget to change diapers when they use diapers, especially when using paper diapers. They think that the water absorption of paper diapers is good, and it doesn’t matter if they use them for a period of time, but diaper rash often occurs in these babies. The way to deal with it is to keep the local dry. Diapers should always be exposed to the sun to kill bacteria. In addition, the child just changed the diaper or just after convenient, let the buttocks naturally dry for a while, do not pack immediately.


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