Diapers are a good thing. They can save mom a lot of time and effort. But to be honest, even if the mother wears diapers for the baby every day, there are still many people who can’t correctly wear diapers for the baby!

Event: improper use of diapers, baby fever

Ms. Zhang’s granddaughter had a fever. At first, she thought it was a common cold. It was just a simple physical cooling treatment. After three or five days, he went to the local hospital for treatment. After more than 20 days, there was still no improvement, and the family had to take the child to a large hospital in Wuhan.

The doctor asked the parents about the details of daily care, and gave the baby routine urine test, urine culture and other tests. As a result, the baby was diagnosed with urinary tract infection. The main reason for the illness was the long-term improper use of diapers!

You should know that although diapers are relatively clean and hygienic, they are not sterile products, not to mention when they are filled with shit. If the diapers that parents buy for their children are not breathable, or they are not diligent in changing diapers, the bacteria in the feces can easily invade the urinary tract and cause urinary tract infection.

The symptoms of urinary tract infection are not obvious, but the symptoms of “unexplained fever” mentioned in the above cases generally occur. (pay attention to wechat official account: mother duo’s parent-child time and talk about parenting)

Diapers are not terrible. What’s terrible is not wearing diapers

Seeing this news, I think the diaper party is a little proud. “You see, it’s still traditional.”

However, we want to emphasize here that diapers are not necessarily more hygienic and breathable than diapers!

1. When the diaper is dry, it is very breathable. Once it is wet, if it is not replaced in time, it will be completely impermeable (imagine the feeling of wearing wet pants). The wet excrement and urine will stick to the buttocks, and more bacteria will infect it, OK?

2. It is really difficult to guarantee whether the diaper is sanitary. When the weather is good, it’s really clean to be exposed to the sun. But when it’s rainy, you don’t want to be exposed to the sun. Do you really feel free to wear it for your children?

Therefore, whether to wear diapers is not really the problem, but most people do not know how to correctly wear diapers for their baby!

When you wear diapers for children, you should keep the following knowledge in mind:

1. Choose breathable diapers

Why do other people’s children wear diapers, but your baby has problems? Maybe the diapers you choose are not breathable enough. The diapers have poor air permeability, and the baby is easy to get diaper rash, and the probability of urinary tract infection will also increase. If the diapers used now are not breathable enough, and the baby always has a red butt, you can give the baby a try with another brand.

2. Observe whether the baby is allergic to diapers

Some babies may have allergies when they use diapers. This also requires mothers to change the brand in time. In serious cases, they must seek help from a doctor.

3. Choose diapers with moderate thickness

Wear thick diapers in autumn and winter


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