As soon as the baby has a fever, many parents are worried. I hope that the baby can take the medicine prescribed by the doctor or take the antipyretic medicine immediately, and then the fever will subside.

In fact, it needs a process to reduce fever, because fever is generally caused by infection or inflammation for children. Infection and anti-inflammatory of the baby’s body need a process. Just like two armies fighting, infection is equivalent to the enemy coming. There should be some troops in the baby’s body, usually some white blood cells and inflammatory factors, to kill the enemy. It takes a process for the anti-inflammatory forces in a baby’s body to suppress the infection. Parents must accept this process.

Generally speaking, fever is usually caused by virus infection, and it is also a normal phenomenon to repeat for three or five days. But if more than three or five days, the child still has repeated fever, it is necessary to see a doctor in time, and the doctor will judge whether it is caused by bacterial infection. Doctors will make a comprehensive judgment. Sometimes they even ask for blood tests to see the blood routine. There are also some inflammatory indicators, such as CRP and the low level of procalcitonin, to determine whether there is bacterial infection. If you have a bacterial infection, your doctor may kill it with some antibiotics. Because this kind of situation depends on the baby’s own resistance, it is difficult to suppress the bacteria. We need to increase the strength of the army to help the baby recover.

Generally speaking, fever is caused by infection or inflammation, and the anti-inflammatory process of the baby’s body needs a process, so parents need not be too nervous. If more than 3-5 days, the baby has recurrent fever, please see a doctor in time.


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