So what is the method of parents without fever baby before treatment, treatment can advance in the home? Comprehensive expert advice, the correct approach should be the following 6 kinds of fever.

1, to maintain air circulation in the home:

If the home air conditioning, to maintain the room temperature between 25–27 DEG C. Young children can be placed in air conditioning room or rotate the fan blowing, the temperature decreased slowly, so the children will feel comfortable. But if the cold limbs and play the chills, then the need to warm, so with blankets covering.

2 take off too much clothing:

If the baby limbs and hands and feet warm and sweat, said the need for cooling, can wear less clothes.

3, bathing:

The baby clothes off with warm water (37 degrees) the upper and lower body towel rub, so you can make the baby skin vasodilation will air out, also the water from surface evaporation, will heat absorber.

4, with antipyretic plaster:

Contribute to the heat, but for smaller children is not recommended, because the child is not easy to turn the body, ice pillow tends to cause partial or cold induced hypothermia. The use of antipyretic paste can also, water vaporization cooling paste in colloidal material can be heat away, does not appear excessive cooling conditions.

5, drink plenty of water:

To help prevent dehydration and sweating. Water temperature regulation function, body temperature can drop and add water to the baby body.

6, the use of antipyretics:

When the infant center temperature (rectal temperature or ear temperature exceeding 38.5 DEG C), can use appropriate medicine or suppository.


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