Raising the baby is a time-consuming and arduous project. Countless life details need to be taken care of. So, as young as the baby’s deciduous teeth this matter, many novice parents are easy to overlook: originally, baby’s deciduous teeth to the age of 6, 7 began to gradually fall off, and then a new tooth, should not need special care. We can’t think this way, because deciduous teeth are very important.

Deciduous teeth are related to children’s eating and facial value.

First, the relationship between the baby and eating. Deciduous teeth are small. They are also teeth. They are important tools for babies to chew food. Since the month, baby can start to add supplementary food, with healthy deciduous teeth to chew food normally and fully, so as to better digest and absorb various nutrients. At the same time, the baby has a good appetite and tastes sweet to eat. If parents do not pay attention to helping baby care for teeth, there are dental caries, the baby will be very painful, more difficult to eat. This is easy to aggravate the burden of the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, dyspepsia and other conditions, seriously affecting the baby’s growth and development.

The two is to affect the future value of the baby. Beauty girls usually pay attention to rotating the use of both sides of the teeth to chew meals, otherwise it is easy to have different faces. For babies who are growing and developing, they also need to balance chewing. Only in this way can the function of the bones and muscles of the maxillofacial region be stimulated, so that the maxillofacial growth is normal. If the baby has a toothache on one side, it will naturally eat with the other side. In the long run, it is easy to form this “side chewing”. This easily leads to the other side of the maxillofacial lack of exercise, in the long run will form a left-right facial asymmetry, the formation of “big and small face”.

Some babies because of inappropriate care, early dental caries, especially if the upper anterior teeth due to caries black or fall off, but this will affect the beauty of the face. Although the baby is small, but also very self-esteem, because of the fear of bad teeth and become afraid to laugh, affect communication, produce inferiority complex.

What’s more, when the baby changes his teeth at the age of 6 or 7, the permanent teeth grow out of the original position of the deciduous teeth, deciduous teeth can be said to be the guide of the permanent teeth. If the deciduous teeth decay early or fall off, the growth of permanent teeth is very confusing. Can not find the direction, can only barbaric growth, permanent teeth are likely to grow out of the crooked, facial values affect the baby’s face value.

Baby’s deciduous teeth must be divided into stages.

First, keep your mouth clean before you go out. Before the baby has developed its deciduous teeth, parents should pay attention to the habit of brushing their teeth for their babies. Usually the baby drinks milk or eats supplementary food and other food, parents can let the baby drink a few mouthfuls of boiled water, when the right to brush teeth, this can wash the baby’s mouth residual food residue. Especially before the baby goes to bed, it is necessary to do oral cleanliness. Mom and Dad can also wrap gauze around the index finger, wet gauze with boiling water, extend into the baby’s mouth to wipe the tongue, gums and oral mucosa.

Two is the full care when dentition. When the baby starts to erupt, it is easy to infect germs. At the same time, the gums will also feel uncomfortable. Mom and Dad to help the baby develop the habit of brushing teeth as early as possible, it is best after each feeding or eating, with gauze wrapped around the fingers to help the baby scrub the gums and just emerged small teeth. Usually, mom and dad can clean the finger, help baby massage the gum, which can ease the baby’s gum discomfort, but also for the baby to prepare tooth care products, such as molar sticks and gum, to help baby exercise mouth.

When baby teeth erupt, teeth erupt to stimulate gingival nerve, will cause increased secretion of salivary glands, baby will often drool. Because the baby swallowing function has not yet been developed, saliva will often flow out. Mom and Dad should pay attention to often wipe saliva with soft cotton cloth or towel, otherwise the mouth will easily cause irritation around the mouth, resulting in skin redness, even erosion and peeling.

In the baby’s growth process, parents to develop a regular baby to see the dentist’s habits, concerned about the baby’s cavity health, problems to be timely treatment and correction. At the same time, parents should help the baby to establish dental health habits, from childhood to develop a good habit of using teeth, tooth care, in order to let the baby benefit for life.


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