Every May, there is a high incidence of hand foot mouth disease and herpetic angina in many places. Babies suffer from hand, foot and mouth disease, fever, rash, sore throat, a toss, the baby is uncomfortable, mothers also fear, life is not easy. Prevention is the key to keeping babies away from HFMD. The most effective way to prevent it is to vaccinate the baby.

The vaccine for prevention of hand foot mouth disease is the “enterovirus 71 inactivated vaccine” (EV71 vaccine). If you don’t know much about this vaccine, if you don’t know much about it, you can study with me.

Can EV71 vaccine prevent all hand foot mouth disease?

The answer is No. HFMD vaccine should actually be called enterovirus 71 vaccine. Enteroviruses causing HFMD include Coxsackievirus A group 16, 4, 5, 9, 10, B group 2, 5, enterovirus 71 and more than 20 kinds. HFMD vaccine (EV71) can only prevent HFMD caused by enterovirus 71 infection.

What is the role of EV71 vaccine?

In fact, the hand foot mouth disease caused by coxsackievirus A16 (CoxA16) is the most common. But why is the EV71 vaccine the first to emerge?

This is because hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) caused by enterovirus 71 (EV71) is the most serious among all these types. In addition, enterovirus 71 infection was responsible for 82% of severe HFMD cases and 93% of deaths.

Therefore, the greatest significance of EV71 vaccination is greatly reduced the risk of hand foot mouth disease. Moreover, there is no specific drug for the treatment of HFMD, so vaccination has become an important means to prevent and control the outbreak of this disease.

Have you got hand foot mouth disease, do you need EV71 vaccine?

There are more than 20 kinds of viruses causing HFMD. If it is clear that HFMD is caused by EV71 virus, EV71 vaccine is not needed. If hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by other viruses, or do not know what pathogen infection caused by hand, foot and mouth disease, can be vaccinated against EV71 vaccine.

In general, HFMD mainly affects children aged 3-5, with high incidence and great harm. It should be reminded that HFMD itself is not terrible, terrible is the complications it brings, including fever, cough, and even cause death. The efficacy of HFMD vaccine is high, and it is an effective barrier to protect the baby’s health. As a self-financed vaccine, the retail price of the vaccine is about 200 yuan per dose. Families with permissible conditions are still advised to vaccinate their babies.

Can it be inoculated with other vaccines at the same time?

Inoculation of EV71 vaccine with Human Immunoglobulin should be at least 1 months. It is not recommended that EV71 vaccine be inoculated with other vaccines at the same time. It is recommended that EV71 vaccine be inoculated with other vaccines more than two weeks apart.

Does EV71 vaccine need to be vaccinated annually?

No need.

EV71 viruses do not mutate as easily as influenza viruses. Immunogenicity of different genotypes of EV71 strains showed that the vaccine strains had cross-protective effects on different genotypes and subtypes of EV71, and EV71 virus could be prevented without repeated inoculation.

What is the price of EV71 vaccine?

At this stage, the inactivated EV71 vaccine is the second kind of vaccine. If parents want to vaccinate their baby with EV71 vaccine, they can call the local community health service center for enquiries.

As for the price, the prices vary slightly from place to place. On the Guangdong side, the price of a single vaccine is 262 yuan, and the immunization program is two injections, totaling 524 yuan.

EV71 vaccine can prevent the invasion of HFMD and protect the baby’s health and growth. In the season of high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease, I suggest that mothers can actively communicate with the community service center medical staff, as soon as possible to inoculate the baby with EV71 vaccine, put on a “protective clothing” for the baby!


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