When asked the question “whether to bring children tired or not”, many mothers raise their hands and have something to say: “it’s really too! Hard! Bitter! It’s not only the mother’s tired, but also the children’s father, grandmother, grandfather, even the nanny, all express that they are too busy This is clearly a team taking baby! Why do you still think children are not easy to take? (pay attention to wechat subscription number: mother duo’s parent-child time, talk about parent-child parenting)

1. Unclear division of labor

A family with a child, if the division of labor is not clear, the efficiency will be very low. There are a lot of people here. Everyone’s habits are different. My mother has used up her things and put them here. My grandmother will have to spend time looking for them again next time. It wastes a lot of time to look for and ask questions once and for all. In the end, several people are required to participate in what one can do well. Would you not be tired to bring a baby like this?

2. Inconsistent concept of parenting

It must be that the idea of parenting is not the same. The mother thinks that the baby’s milk powder should be prepared according to the standard, can’t eat salt too early, can’t urinate frequently Grandma thought that the young people had no experience and would not bring their children, which would certainly make their children suffer. So, the family is divided into two camps, arguing back and forth every day just like pulling a big saw, and it’s circulating every day, so you will feel exhausted.

3. Do everything by yourself

In many people’s ideas, the current child is to “foster” the child as a “little emperor”, “little sun” to raise, think that this is to do the responsibility of parents.

It’s true that close care is essential before the child is one year old, but after the child is one year old, it’s no wonder that you will be tired and the whole family will feel tired. It is clear that if the baby wants to eat by himself, the adult has to take care of feeding; if the baby is too worried about wrestling, the whole family will chase after the baby and shout: “be careful”, “come slowly”

Although these are not heavy tasks, they consume a lot of energy for people. They chase their children to feed three meals in one day and run after them when they go out for a walk. There’s no reason why they don’t feel tired. You should feel your body hollowed out every minute!

4. No real understanding of children

In the end, you did spend a lot of time with your children, but you didn’t really understand what their needs were. For example, for chestnuts, children don’t like to eat. Grandma thinks that the reason is that the food is not delicious. Next time, she should pay more attention to making more delicious food for her baby. However, mother thinks that the child may be zinc deficient or calcium deficient, or her stomach is not comfortable. She should supplement her baby with zinc, calcium, or probiotics In fact, the real reason why it’s so complicated? Maybe it’s just because you’re used to letting your baby watch TV when eating. Your baby can’t concentrate on eating because he’s attracted by TV.

If the above points all hit your point, you would like to know, how did those mothers who took their children with no effort do it?

Why can someone take a baby alone?

1. The child is his own, and he should be the master

The young parents who always disagree with the old people when they take care of their children are largely because the old people have no boundary to interfere in your life and they should take part in everything. In other words, in the process of raising children, you don’t play a central role and rely too much on the elderly. As a result, they will take care of your children in their own way.

If you want to change this situation, you need to work together! As the parents of your children, you must be dominant, able to do it by yourself, and try to do it by yourself. The old people are just helping you. They are not the main role in taking care of the children.

2. Scientific parenting is very important. It is important to understand the needs of babies

In addition, we are very tired when we take care of our children. We often don’t understand our children. For example, children are very difficult to take for some time, often crying in the middle of the night, and their mothers are at a loss. At this time, the mother-in-law will guide you in the role of the person who came over. “The child is frightened, and should be given some tranquilizing drugs…” However, children may cry at night only because of “colic” or “too much sleep during the day”!

In the matter of taking a baby, the less you know, the less you know, the more terrified your mother will be. On the contrary, the more you know, the calmer your heart will be. In the process of parenting, however, you can find scientific ways to deal with any problem, avoid detours, make children suffer less, and make themselves more relaxed.

3. The cost of time is too high. Make good use of those childcare tools

As mentioned earlier, many mothers feel that the more they pay, the more they can fulfill their responsibilities as mothers. In fact, those mothers who take their children lightly are those who know how to be lazy. You should know that the electric sucking machine is much better than the manual sucking machine! It’s not only bad for children to urinate with excrement, but also it consumes your time and energy unconsciously. What a great invention diapers are. How can they not be used for children?

The more you know how to use tools, the more time you can save. Now time is too precious! For many mothers, 100W can’t buy good sleep, and 100W can’t buy good energy. Only when you have a good rest, can you be a energetic mother with full vitality! (pay attention to wechat subscription No.: parent-child time, talk about parent-child care)

4. Want once and for all? Cultivate your baby’s independence

See other people’s children, since childhood to sleep alone, good envy!

See other people’s children, 2 years old will eat their own, it’s amazing!

In fact, your children can also ah, just because you do not pay attention to the cultivation of children’s independent ability. In my opinion, let children learn to take care of their own skills from childhood, which can not only cultivate their character and mind, but also promote their movement development, cultivate their empathy. In addition, most importantly, it can liberate their mother’s hands and make you more relaxed! So there is nothing more profitable than this. Why not do this?


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