Summer is the most headache for parents. BB doesn’t know what’s wrong and loves fever. It is common for young anxious mothers in the pediatric clinic of the hospital to hold a feverish BB and look sad. They asked the doctor to give a drip to their children. They also summarized several sets of experience in reducing fever, such as ice compress and heat cover. Chen Limin, a pediatric specialist, has found from many years of clinical experience that many parents’ treatment of children’s fever is very inappropriate, which increases the probability of BB suffering from other diseases.

4 major processing errors

Heat cover to reduce fever

Consequences: make the body unable to dissipate heat, and even worsen the high fever.

“On the contrary,” Chen Limin, deputy chief physician of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said, “when a child has a fever, it is not to wrap the inner and outer layers of his body, but to loosen his clothes a little and let the baby dissipate heat fully.” if the baby is cold because of fever, he should not cover his body with heat, but should rub and warm BB’s limbs with his hands and do appropriate limb massage to help the baby warm up.

Alcohol cooling

Consequences: alcohol causes damage to the baby’s body.

Studies have pointed out that alcohol will be absorbed by the body through the baby’s blood vessels and skin. Therefore, pediatricians generally do not use this method to cool the baby, but apply ice and cold water to the places where the children’s axillary, forehead, elbow and other major arteries pass to help dissipate heat.

Chen Limin also pointed out that many children will cry when they come into contact with cold things. Parents can choose to stick antipyretic paste on the child’s head.


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