With the temperature getting lower and lower, for mothers, changing diapers is facing a problem – how to ensure that the baby’s little ass doesn’t catch cold. Next, I’ll share some practical tips for your mother to change your diaper expert in seconds and keep your baby’s ass warm.

I. the environment should be comfortable

During the day, you can choose a warm and sunny environment to change your baby’s diapers, so as to prevent your baby from catching cold in the wind. If the indoor temperature is low at night or during the day, a heater such as a small sun can be used to increase the surrounding temperature.

If you use a heater, don’t blow directly at your baby, otherwise it will easily cause your baby’s skin to dry. If you use an electric heater, it is recommended to choose one with low brightness to avoid hurting your baby’s eyes and not too close to your baby.

> > > tip: if it’s inconvenient to use the heater, you can also use some big towels or small quilts to cover the baby’s lower body, then change diapers, and put on clothes directly after changing, so you won’t be afraid of catching cold.

Second, clothes should be convenient

The baby’s clothes will also affect the speed of changing diapers. For example, some one-piece clothes are easy to wear and take off. When changing diapers, you only need to open the button of the lower body, which can greatly improve the efficiency of changing diapers; And some one-piece clothes have no buttons on the lower body. If you want to take off the whole one, it is not only troublesome, but also increases the possibility of the baby catching cold.

Split clothes need to take off the whole pants when changing diapers, which is relatively troublesome. If the replacement speed is too slow, it is easy to cause the baby to catch a cold.

> > > tips: in autumn and winter, you can prepare warm one-piece clothes with velvet for your baby, which is not only convenient to change your diapers, but also protect your baby’s abdomen from catching cold. It can kill two birds with one stone.

III. good things to help warm

Many people like to wipe their baby’s ass with wet paper towels, which is convenient and hygienic. But in autumn and winter, wet paper towels are wet and cold. Wiping your baby’s ass suddenly freezes the baby. Maybe the baby will cry. What should I do?

If Mom insists on using wet paper towels, she has to prepare an extra wet paper towel heater in autumn and winter, which can solve the problem.

> > > tip: some wet tissue heaters are easy to lose tissue moisture during heating, making the wet tissue dry. Therefore, when purchasing, you should buy fully enclosed design, which can retain moisture. If the mother feels that the wet tissue heater is a little troublesome, she can also use a dry and wet cotton soft towel to dip some warm water when wiping the baby’s ass, which will not catch cold or can be wiped clean.

[warm reminder]

In addition to these external factors, my mother should also pay attention to it. Some mothers have cold hands and feet in winter. Change your baby’s diapers with cold hands. When you touch your baby’s skin, it’s just as uncomfortable as your baby. If your hands are cold, you can first soak them in hot water or cover them with a warm water bag, so that your baby won’t feel uncomfortable.

In addition, the speed of changing diapers should be fast, so that the baby’s skin will not be exposed to the air for a long time and will not be easy to catch a cold.


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