In summer, most mothers remember to say that they should drink water for their babies, but slowly in autumn and winter, this awareness will naturally fade.

But in fact, in addition to hot summer and sweating, it is also essential to replenish water when it is dry and easy to get angry in autumn and winter!

Speaking of this, a mother may ask, how do you know if your baby is short of water? And the baby usually is to feed breast milk or milk powder, how to judge how much extra water to feed them?

I. five signals of baby water shortage——

1. Lip licking: like our adults, we like to lick our lips when we are thirsty, and so do the babies. TA people can’t express it, so this action is telling Baba hemp people “I’m thirsty and want to drink water”.

2. Yellow urine: Generally speaking, the baby’s urine is colorless. When it is found that the baby’s urine becomes yellow, it indicates that the baby may be short of water, and the urine will turn yellow after concentration. In addition, if the baby does not urinate or the number of times decreases a lot in a day, and the stool is dry and hard, it is also a signal of water shortage in the body.

3. Anorexia: the lack of water in the body will inhibit the normal operation of gastrointestinal function, affect digestive function, and finally make the baby have a poor appetite. Of course, there are many reasons for the baby’s loss of appetite, and water shortage is only one of them. The mother can judge by exclusion.

4. White debris on the skin: especially in autumn and winter, the weather is relatively dry. If it is obvious that the baby’s skin is dry to white debris or thin white line, it indicates that it is necessary to replenish water for the baby. In addition, children should be given special body milk or baby face cream.

5. Anterior fontanel or eye socket depression: if the baby has anterior fontanel depression or eye socket depression, and doesn’t cry much, there will be relatively few tears, mothers should pay attention to it, which may be a manifestation of serious water shortage.

Of course, if mothers only want to replenish water after the baby has the above water shortage signal every time, they may be a little passive. Moreover, in the long run, this “make up for the lost” method of drinking water is also bad for the baby’s health.

Therefore, mothers should also learn to take the initiative to replenish water for their babies according to their physiological needs.

II. Formula for baby’s daily water demand——

How much water does the baby need to replenish a day? In case of rough calculation, it can be estimated according to the following table under normal circumstances:

Children’s daily water demand:

Age (age) water demand (ml / kg body weight) < 1120 ~ 1601 ~ 3100 ~ 1404 ~ 970 ~ 11010 ~ 1450 ~ 90

However, it should be noted that the daily water demand here refers to the total drinking water in a day, including all water taken from breast milk, milk powder and supplementary foods, not just plain boiled water~

III. how should babies fed with pure breast milk or milk powder replenish water?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

◆ within 6 months, no matter the baby is fed with mixed or pure formula, it is usually unnecessary to feed additional water (boiled water) and fruit juice (unless there is a medical indication).

◆ for babies after 6 months of age, you can start to consider using cups to feed water, but the amount must be small, and do not force the baby to drink. Don’t worry if your baby refuses to drink water, because your baby may prefer to drink milk (breast milk or formula) frequently to get the water he needs.

◆ for babies who have added complementary food, their demand for water will increase relatively. Parents should take the initiative to find signs of thirst, such as dry lips, yellow urine color, little or no tears when crying, etc.


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