Ranking of causes of baby fever

In order to prevent mothers from rushing and correctly face and deal with the baby’s fever, we asked experts to rank the “most likely causes” of the baby’s fever in the top 10 according to the outpatient situation of neonatal pediatrics and general pediatrics, and mark its risk. However, each baby is an independent individual, and there are many causes of fever. Understanding the top 10 may only be part of it. Your baby’s fever may also be the reason for ranking 11th and 12th… So medical treatment is the only safe way.

1. No. 5 in cold risk

2. The risk of ear, nose and throat inflammation ranked seventh

3. Rose rash ranked 8th in risk

4. The risk of vaccination ranked ninth

5. The risk of sepsis ranked second

6. The risk of urethral infection ranked sixth

7. The risk of encephalitis and meningitis ranks first

8. The risk of wearing too much, tooth fever and summer heat ranked 10th

9. Gastroenteritis with dehydration ranked fourth in risk

10. The risk of Kawasaki disease ranked third

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