The pace of autumn is gradually approaching, in autumn, the baby’s body will occasionally strike, become disobedient, the most obvious is autumn, the baby is prone to diarrhea. Diarrhea can be uncomfortable, not only to the stomach to experience pain, and diarrhea after the baby’s body will be very weak, so, in autumn to prevent baby diarrhea, and after the baby diarrhea response measures are extremely important.

Autumn baby diarrhea can also be divided into three major symptoms, to understand the three symptoms can be the right medicine.

Three typical symptoms of infantile autumn diarrhea

Symptom 1 fever

Baby onset of early fever, cough, tears and other upper respiratory tract infections, body temperature is higher, generally 38-40 degrees. Some parents mistakenly think that the baby has a cold and give the baby medicine to treat the cold. If you don’t make it clear, it’s easy to use the wrong medicine.

Symptom 2 diarrhea

Soon, the baby began to diarrhea, diarrhea a day more than ten times, or even more than 20 times, most of the “crash” once, almost from the anus out. The stool was watery or egg shaped, without special fishy smell, mucus and pus blood. Sometimes parents can’t tell whether the baby is pulling out the stool or urinating from the diaper.

Symptom 3 vomiting

The baby frequently vomits, eats what vomit, sometimes does not eat also vomits, at first vomits the clear water like thing, later vomits out the Yellow bitter water.

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Page 1: symptoms of diarrhea in autumn

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Page 3: it is easy for adults to chew and feed babies to have diarrhea

Page 4: baby diarrhea diet needs to be adjusted


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