When the baby coughs, pick up the baby and pat the back; when the baby coughs hard, wrap the baby upright, pat the back and relax.

When breathing is difficult, let the baby sit up straight. When the baby sleeps at night, it is difficult to breathe because of cough and asthma. At this time, it will be more comfortable for him to sit up straight.

After the cough subsides, give the baby some cold boiled water. When the throat is dry, it’s easy to cough. It’s better to drink some boiled water. But if you drink water when you cough, it will choke the water out, so you should drink water for the baby after the cough subsides. When you have other symptoms and feel your baby is hot, you’d better take your temperature for the sake of prudence.

Three ways to dispel phlegm

If the baby coughs a lot of phlegm, in addition to taking the baby to the hospital for treatment, parents can also refer to the following methods to remove phlegm for the baby:

1. Position expectorant method: use several pillows to make a plane with a slope of about 20-30 °, and then let the baby lie on the pillow, head low and feet high, so as to make use of the gravity to make the sputum in the lung flow out automatically. In addition to the above prone position, you can also let the baby sleep on the pillow on his side, lying on the left or right side, with the same head low and feet high. Because take different position to put the body, will make the accumulation of phlegm in different positions of the lungs easy to discharge.

Tip: stay at each position for 5 minutes. If the baby is uncomfortable, stop immediately.

2. Clap phlegm method: on the basis of position expectorant method, plus clap phlegm method, phlegm can be discharged more effectively. The principle is to loosen the accumulated phlegm and be discharged through the vibration force of air and palm. The method is that the baby lies on the inclined plane, head is low and feet are high. The mother protects the baby with one hand, nest the palm with the other hand, and tap the baby’s back with hollow palm. Maintain the same posture and technique, pat the baby on the left and right sides of the upper back gently, in order to take out phlegm, each action needs to take 3-5 minutes.

3. Vibration method: let the baby lie on the inclined plane with head low and feet high. When the baby exhaled, the mother pressed her hands against the baby’s chest gently to vibrate. Pay attention not to be too strong. When the baby inhaled, the mother’s hands relaxed.


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