In winter, the mother’s head is big, what respiratory disease, what skin disease, what gastrointestinal disease, Tongtong all group attack, not only the baby is uncomfortable, but also the adults are exhausted. Not to mention that it takes half a day to go to the hospital, and a lot of energy and money are spent before and after. What’s more tiring is the worry and heartache in the heart. When the baby gets sick, the adults also lose a few pounds!

The winter is dry and cold, and the baby is more likely to get sick. But if the parents do a good job of nursing on weekdays, in fact, winter is not so difficult.

Baby skin dry, must pay attention to care

In winter, the baby’s skin problems are more likely to occur, often pruritus, allergies and even eczema. This is because the baby’s skin stratum corneum development is not perfect, this season is prone to skin dry crack problem, dry crack after it is easy to cause skin infection.

Keeping skin moist is an important measure to prevent skin diseases in winter. After the baby washes and bathes, it is necessary to apply a layer of moisturizing lotion to the baby immediately. On weekdays, don’t bathe the baby too frequently. The bath water should not be too hot and the bath time should not be too long.

Vaccinate children against influenza

Autumn and winter is the season of high incidence of influenza, many mothers ask, to help children prevent influenza, what food to eat is the most effective? In fact, no matter what you eat, nothing is more effective than taking your child to get influenza vaccine. It is the most effective way to prevent influenza. Adults are much stronger than children, and they will still get the flu, so don’t think that if you feed your child strong, you can have it once and for all.

If the baby is more than six months old, the influenza vaccine can be started; if the baby is still breast-feeding, the mother vaccinates the influenza vaccine, and the child can also obtain the antibody indirectly.

In addition to children, family members should also develop good hygiene habits

Veteran mothers all know that the baby is sick, mostly because of some infectious diseases. Therefore, want to let the baby less sick, the most important thing is to do a good job in family hygiene.

On weekdays, taking children to crowded places can reduce their exposure to viruses and bacteria from the outside world; washing hands for children when they come back from the outside and before eating can also prevent the disease from entering the mouth.

In addition, as family members, sometimes when we come home from the outside, our body clothes will also carry bacteria, and pass on to the baby through contact. It is suggested that when parents go home, the first thing is not to pick up the baby, but to wash their hands.

Winter is the season of constipation, so it should be prevented and treated in advance

In the cold and dry season, some babies with healthy intestines and stomachs suddenly got constipation.

This is because of eating problems, the diet structure may not be adjusted with the seasons. The mother should remember to give the baby water in time, usually eat some rich in cellulose food, such as broccoli, plum, such as vegetables and fruits.

Second, it may be because of clothing problems. If parents wear too many clothes for their children and cover them too warm when sleeping, then the baby’s body is prone to fever and sweating, and the body water loss is more, leading to dry stool. Remember not to wear too warm for children in winter, warm water bag, electric warm blanket and other heating equipment should be used with caution.

Children are more likely to get sick if they are covered too tightly

Baby clothes too much, cover too tight, not only constipation, but also easy to grow eczema and cold, may also lead to terrible Mug heat syndrome!

Many parents think that if their children dress as much as themselves, they won’t be hot. But children are constantly moving, so they are more likely to feel hot and sweating than adults.

How much do you want to wear for your baby? It is suggested that the clothes we wear are similar to those we wear when we do housework, or it is directly less than that of parents. If you are still worried about your child wearing less cold, you can touch the back of your child’s neck. If you are cold, you are not wearing enough. If you are sweating, you are wearing too much. If you are warm and dry, you are wearing the right one!

Baby bath in winter, to prevent catching cold

As soon as the weather is cold, the mother is very headache, because the baby bath is easy to catch cold.

If you have a bath heater or electric heater at home, you can open it for a while before your baby takes a bath to make the bathroom warmer. But don’t leave these heating equipment on while taking a bath, because the light of Yuba will hurt children’s eyes, and the electric heater may be in danger of electric shock when taking a bath. When taking a bath, it is recommended to wash the head and body separately, and make a quick decision so as to avoid the baby from catching cold.

If the bath conditions at home are too poor, the baby’s body is not too dirty, it is recommended to take a bath once a few days, which does not affect health. If the frequent bath and lead to a cold baby, it is not worth the loss.

Baby nosebleed, hold his nose

A mother asked, winter baby nosebleed, is how?

Mothers don’t have to be too nervous. This is because the weather is dry, and the baby’s nasal mucosa is particularly fragile, so it is easy to have nosebleed in winter.

Mother to learn how to help the baby stop bleeding, do not let the baby look up, this will make the nosebleed back. Can let the baby lower his head, body slightly forward, and then the two sides of the nose to the root of the nose pinch, 15 minutes later release the hand to see whether the blood stopped. In this process, to comfort the baby excited fear, and remind the baby to breathe with his mouth.

In order to let the baby less nosebleed, mothers can use humidifier to increase air humidity at home in winter.

Choose the right shower gel to keep your baby’s skin dry

Some shower gel to the skin irritation is bigger, may cause the skin to wash more dry.

It is recommended to choose a mild bath gel. Generally speaking, the common mild surfactants contained in the shower gel are: sodium lauroyl zwitterionic acetate, sodium lauroylglutinate, lauryl glucoside, coconut oil glucoside, sunnyl glucoside, etc. These ingredients are more skin friendly, less irritating to the skin, easy to clean and not easy to remain. In addition, the shower gel containing water-based oil and moisturizer also has moisturizing effect on skin. (concerned about the WeChat official account: mother’s time to talk about parenting.)


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