Precautions for baby calcium supplement 1: calcium supplement products cannot contain lead

There are many sources of lead in food, including popcorn, canned food, drinking water pipes, lead in soil, lead deposited into grain by air and lead containing sewage flowing into farmland. Songhua eggs processed with Huangdan powder (PBO) will also be polluted by lead. Baby calcium must not take calcium tablets containing lead. The latest research results show that some “natural” calcium tablets contain a small amount of lead, which is harmful to babies. The pre calcium market is chaotic. When people choose calcium, they are often dazzled by colorful advertisements.

Among many calcium preparations and calcium fortified foods, which one has a high absorption rate for the human body? This is where businesses make a big fuss. Affected by various factors, the absorption rate of calcium in general adults is 20 ~ 40%. A famous human calcium absorption experiment conducted by nutritionists proved that although the solubility of calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate and calcium acetate is different outside the human body, the absorption rate in the human body is basically the same. None of the calcium absorption rate tests made by various businesses takes the human body as the experimental object. Its high absorption rate may be a meaningless sign for people who choose calcium supplements.

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Page 1: calcium supplement products shall not contain lead

Page 2: calcium supplement don’t just drink milk

Page 3: calcium supplement is not the more the better

Page 4: do not take calcium tablets on an empty stomach


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