What kind of happy experience do you have when your baby’s eyes are full?

@ A Mom: My baby can’t leave me for a moment. I have to hold him in my arms. Everyone else cries when he holds him. He only has me in his eyes.

@ Mother b: My daughter has always been brought by me alone. She is very close to me. When he was 8 months old, his grandmother came to help, but the baby didn’t bring her. She always wanted to see me.

@ Mother C: When my son goes to bed at night, he must coax me to sleep, and listen to my stories. I’ll tell him when I finish.

@ Mother d: When I come back from work, my baby waits for me at the door. I hold me tight as soon as I open the door. It’s too warm.

After the baby was born, the mother breast-fed the baby, changed diapers, and drowned the baby to sleep… Babies become more and more dependent on their mothers and love them more and more. You are the one who fills their eyes. However, the baby can not express, let alone say “I love you”.

So, when the baby has the following behaviors, there is no doubt that he is expressing his love for you, so the mother will have fun stealthily.

1. Smile at you

Whenever a child sees his mother, he will smile, reach out for his mother to hold him or run to his mother. This is the expression of his love for his mother. Seeing the baby smiling at herself, I believe that mothers will feel worthwhile no matter how tired they are.

2. Eye Following

Babies always like to follow their mothers when they begin to recognize people. If the mother disappears into the baby’s field of vision, the baby will think uneasily and cry until the mother holds the baby will stop crying. When the mother is doing housework, the baby sits in the baby carriage, and his eyes will always follow his mother, so that he can rest assured.

3. Kissing Mom

When the baby is held by the mother, it will come to the mother’s face to kiss her mother, which is the expression of his love for her mother. At this time, mothers should not be stingy to give their babies a loving relative oh.

4. Embrace

Embracing is a necessary skill for almost every baby, especially for sticking to the mother. Other family members should hold the baby, and the baby should not, as long as the mother holds the baby. Although the mother is hard, holding back pain, but by the little guy so love and sticky, the heart will be warm.

5. Grabbing Hair

Sometimes, babies always like to grab their mothers’hair, and when their mothers are scratched and tired, they stop their babies and even beat their little hands. But you know what? In fact, the baby grabbed his mother’s hair to express his love for her mother. At this time, the mother should not scold the baby, but give the right guidance.

6. Bite Mom

Other babies like to bite their mothers, such as nipples, ears and hands. Mothers should not mistake this as a manifestation of bad behavior. In fact, it is also a way for babies to express their love for you. Because the baby can’t speak or express himself, he takes the way of biting when he is happy. At this time, mothers should not hit their babies, otherwise they will frighten them. Mothers can tell their babies that biting their mothers is wrong, make their babies aware of their mistakes, and show them the right way to show their love to their mothers.

7. Sharing “Gourmet Food”

Babies love to eat their own hands, when your baby shares his “delicacies” with you, prove that the baby loves you very much. Some babies like to put their little hands in their mother’s mouth. He wants to share the joy of eating hands with his mother. Is mother very touched?


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