Tactile toys

After the full moon, in order to develop the baby’s sense of touch, we can let him learn to hold things and grasp. For example, toys made of flannelette and towel, and small ocean balls made of plastic have a little elasticity. You can also grab and play with all kinds of small packing boxes at home, such as toothpaste boxes and toy boxes. This kind of toys can stimulate the baby’s sense of touch, improve the grasping ability of the small hand, so that he can use the two fingers of the small hand (thumb and index finger) to pick up objects very early.

Visual toys

After the child is born, you can let him see some things, such as hanging colorful balloons or rotating colored hanging decorations on the top of the cot to stimulate the child’s vision. Because rotating things can expand the vision of children’s eyes, training eye movement.

Toys that stimulate hearing

Training children’s listening is also the focus of this age stage. You can use noisy toys to listen to and amuse him, such as rattles, small bells, ducklings that ring as soon as you pinch them, etc. Can also be hanging on the top of the cot can rotate, with the sound of color pendant, with the alternating change of sound size to stimulate the baby’s hearing, improve the child’s ability to identify sound. In particular, for newborns, the sound of toys should be soft and pleasant. When teasing children, don’t let the sound appear too suddenly.


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