Since autumn, the weather is getting colder and colder, the baby’s warm and cold problem has become the focus of mothers’ daily concern. In order to keep warm, many mothers want to arm their baby every day. Before winter, they have already wrapped them into small zongzi, which not only makes the baby uncomfortable, but also makes it easy to warm up. In fact, fear of cold baby, as long as protect the following four parts are enough.

1. Judge whether the baby is cold or not, touch the neck and back

To judge whether the baby is cold or not, it is the habit of many parents to touch their hands. In fact, such a judgment method is not entirely correct!

Because the earliest cold is from the back, the correct way to judge should be to touch the neck and back.

The skin is warm, indicating that the baby is not cold or hot just right;

The skin is hot and moist, which indicates that the skin is covered with more clothes;

Cool skin, indicating that the baby is a little cold, to wear more cover some;

Therefore, the baby’s back needs to be “properly warm”. How much to wear during the day can be added or subtracted after judgment; when sleeping at night, you can change the bedding in time with the change of seasons. When the weather is hot, cover a small blanket, when the weather turns cool, cover a thin quilt, and add another layer when it is cold in winter.

2. Go out and keep your head dry

The head is the place where the three yang meridians of hands and feet converge, so the heat preservation must be in place.

Especially about 1-year-old baby, hair is not much, can not play a role in the wind, especially in the outdoor, it is easy to be directly blown into the scalp, cold cold.

Therefore, when you go out, you can always keep a small hat for your baby. According to the weather today, it is not very cold, so you don’t need to buy a special thick warm hat, thin windproof can be.

3. When you sleep at night, your stomach will not catch cold

The stomach is the place of the spleen and stomach. If the baby’s stomach is cold, it will damage the baby’s spleen and stomach function, and cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia and other diseases, so mothers should do a good job in keeping the baby’s stomach warm.

You can put on a warm belly bag and warm clothes for your baby, but in terms of fabric selection, never choose chemical fiber underwear for easy cleaning, because the skin is in a state of convergence in cold, sweat gland secretion is reduced, and chemical fiber clothing will aggravate the dryness and discomfort of baby’s skin.

In addition, when sleeping at night, in addition to quilts and blankets, you can prepare sleeping bags for your baby, so that you can easily deal with all kinds of wonderful sleeping posture of your baby, and you don’t have to worry about your baby getting cold by kicking at night.

4. Running on the ground in autumn, barefoot can’t touch the ground

Baby’s foot surface fat less, poor thermal insulation, and often contact the ground, so many times, we touch the baby’s feet will make the ice cool. In order to prevent “cold from the soles of the feet”, after entering autumn and winter, do not let the baby run barefoot, it is best to put on socks and shoes to keep warm.

But many parents will give their children to wear very thick cotton socks, this is not right. Thick socks keep warm but don’t absorb sweat. Babies love to move constantly. Socks are easy to get wet when their feet are sweating. If they are not replaced in time, they will make baby’s feet cool.

And in the choice of shoes, shoes can be slightly loose size, the best texture is cotton, so it is soft and comfortable to wear, and the shoes can store more static air and have good warmth retention.

In fact, the baby is not as afraid of the cold as we imagine, their body temperature is higher than our adults, so it is necessary to keep warm when the weather is cold, but it must not be too warm. If you wear too many covers, the baby will be warm, which is even worse for the body.


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