In the group of mothers, we often see several shocking photos of the baby’s red ass. the baby is uncomfortable and cries that he refuses to change his diaper. The mothers are distressed and helpless:

The baby has a red ass again. What should I do?

As soon as the baby has a red ass, my mother-in-law says I won’t bring the baby. I’m so worried!

Diaper rash is really impossible to prevent. Do you have any good tips?

Why can’t you get the two lumps of meat on the baby’s ass by all means?

Baoma, don’t worry. Let’s find out the causes and preventive measures today!

Why does the baby get a red ass?

Red ass, also known as diaper rash, is a skin problem often encountered by newborn babies. Among the many parenting problems perplexing mothers, its listing rate is very high!

Red ass is actually another way of saying diaper rash. It is also a common infant skin disease. It is necessary to effectively prevent and alleviate the baby’s red ass. it is necessary to know that the most fundamental causes of red ass are:

Newborn babies are mainly breast milk and milk powder. Therefore, most of the baby’s urine stains and fecal stains contain the oil in breast milk or milk powder. These oils are difficult to be washed with clean water or wiped with a dry towel. They stay on the skin surface to stimulate the skin. At the same time, vigorous wiping is easier to destroy the delicate skin barrier of the little ass.

Therefore, it is easier to aggravate diaper rash in the following ways:

1. The water absorption and water locking performance of diapers is not good enough, and the mother does not replace them in time;

2. The cleaning of small ass is not in place, and the residue irritates the skin;

3. Rubbing your ass too hard will stimulate your skin. Mother’s strength is too strong or the paper towel is rough;

4. No preventive measures are taken after cleaning, and the little ass is in a humid and muggy environment for a long time;

5. Allergic to diapers;

6. Frequent cleaning hurts the skin.

How to help your baby prevent red ass?

Red ass happens from time to time. After growing it once, if you don’t pay attention, it may happen again every few days.

So, to deal with the red ass, prevention is greater than cure! Do a good job in prevention, the key two words: diligence + correct cleaning!

1. Mother should be diligent in cleaning and nursing

The reason why the baby is easy to get red ass is that the skin is delicate on the one hand, and improper care on the other hand, such as untimely replacement of diapers and unclean cleaning.

Generally speaking, diapers need to be changed in about 2-3 hours. Of course, the younger the baby is, the shorter the replacement time will become. Timely replacement of diapers can prevent the baby’s little ass from being airtight in a humid and muggy environment for a long time. Otherwise, no matter how good diapers are, they can’t help.

In addition, the correct cleaning method is very important to remove the grease. After the baby pulls the stool every time, it should be cleaned in time to avoid the residue of stool.

When choosing products, you need to use the moisturizing lotion with oil soluble skin lotion, soften the fat while gently remove the grease stains, and leave a layer of natural protective layer to protect the small fart.

But if the wipes are not selected correctly, the effect may be counterproductive. It not only cleans the little ass, but also hurts the baby’s delicate hip skin. Therefore, the mother should pay attention to that the wipes used for the baby must be alcohol-free, and the material should be softer and not easy to tear. After cleaning, you can use a paper towel to dry the water in time.

If it is convenient to use water, you can use flowing warm water from top to bottom for cleaning, and then wipe the small ass with a soft and absorbent towel. Pay attention to the strength in the process of wiping.

2. Keep your baby’s butt dry all the time

The reason why the red ass happens, mothers all know that it is related to the baby’s little ass being wet and stuffy for a long time.

To avoid such a situation, in addition to replacing diapers and cleaning them in time, it is also very important to choose the right diapers! Diapers with soft material, light weight and good water absorption can make your baby’s little ass more comfortable and dry.

Some mothers may have questions: diapers are well chosen, diapers are changed frequently, and cleaning can be done, but the baby still has a red ass. what’s going on?

If you do well in the above aspects, see if you don’t keep your little ass dry after cleaning!

Generally speaking, after cleaning your little ass, you should slowly pat the water dry with a paper towel or soft cloth, but avoid rubbing it back and forth! After the water is dried, let the little ass dry for a while or blow it with an air duct. After it is completely dry, apply hip cream to isolate and help protect the skin. Put on diapers after everything is done.

Tips: hip cream must be applied when the skin is dry. If the little ass is still wet, it will wrap up the water, and the baby is more likely to get red ass. If your baby has a red ass, stop using hip cream. Remember that hip cream is a drug to prevent red ass, not a treatment.


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