At the end of summer and early autumn, the rain is gradually decreasing, and at the time of season alternation, human immunity will weaken more or less. The immune system of the baby is not yet mature, and it is more likely to cause diseases such as respiratory infectious diseases and autumn diarrhea. The baby will not be smelly and smelly. It is already very troublesome. If it is more difficult to care for the autumn diarrhea, it is still mainly to prevent it. Scientifically provide daily and meticulous care for the baby, and the disease is difficult to invade.

1. Reduce access to public places. In the peak period of disease epidemic, try to reduce taking the baby in and out of public places, especially places with dense personnel and poor ventilation, so as to reduce the chance of contacting the source of infection.

2. Increase or decrease clothes for the baby in time.

3. Drink more water. It would be better to drink boiled water.

4. Do a good job of vaccination. Oral rotavirus vaccine can be taken in autumn to reduce the incidence of diarrhea in autumn.

5. Cultivate the baby’s good hygiene habits. Including keeping the baby’s nose, mouth and whole body skin clean, especially to develop good hand washing habits and keep the baby’s hands clean.

6. Keep the indoor environment and air clean. Open windows regularly every day for ventilation, 2 ~ 3 times a day, 20 ~ 30 minutes each time.

7. Ensure regular life and adequate sleep. The baby’s daily life includes diet, games, defecation and sleep. If it can be arranged in an orderly manner, it can effectively enhance the baby’s resistance.

8. Take moderate exercise to enhance your physique. Ensure that your baby has at least two hours of outdoor activities every day. Pregnant babies can do touch and passive gymnastics every day. Older babies, especially those over 4 years old, can start swimming exercise step by step from summer, because swimming is the most ideal sport to improve human immunity.

9. Reasonable diet. When providing meals for the baby, we should try our best to achieve variety, appropriate proportion, regular and quantitative, and proper allocation. Including ensuring that the baby has enough protein, an appropriate amount of fat, various vitamins and minerals every day.

10. Create a warm environment. Creating a warm, harmonious and pleasant living environment for the baby is also one of the essential conditions for enhancing the baby’s body immunity.


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