I know there is a problem: have you ever suffered from low self-esteem?

The answer is almost one side down: Yes.

One of the girls said she was only 1.53 meters old and had a low self-esteem because of her height.

Later, when I was working, I wanted to take the examination of military and civilian affairs, but I gave up because of my limited height. When I wanted to take the examination of prison guards, I also had a certain height requirement. When I talked about my partner, when he heard about his height, he was cool

This is true for short girls, let alone boys.

I saw a news report that a 1.6m boy was rejected 31 times because of his short growth.


Don’t say height doesn’t matter, it’s because you haven’t suffered from shortness

Do girls really care about the height of men?

Frankly, yes.

This is the natural choice carved in our genes during human evolution.

Because in primitive society, tall men are more able to protect their families and give people a sense of security.

It’s the 21st century, but it’s hard to change preferences deep in genes.

If a short boy is neither as rich as Ma Yun nor as charming as Napoleon, he will probably encounter many setbacks in his work, life and love.

One netizen said an example of heartbreaking: his cousin, because of his short stature and low self-esteem, finally chose to have a bone breaking and heightening operation.

Many people haven’t heard of this kind of operation, because it is very painful, and the risk is great, which is forbidden in China.

The operation is through the fixator into the epiphyseal line to stimulate the regeneration of chondrocytes, so that the bone can grow again. When you reach your ideal height, do a second operation to remove the fixator from your leg.

If the operation of “looking pain” is successful, it can make people grow 6-10cm, but in case of failure, the legs will be wasted.

Some people say, in order to get higher, as for this is not life-threatening?

You know, if it wasn’t for the short man, who would have risked this kind of surgery?

If parents can pay attention to it in advance, the height of 6-10cm can be fully compensated in the growth and development period of their children, and they don’t need to suffer such a big crime at all.


Parents are tall. Do you have to worry about children’s height?

A few days ago, I chatted with my colleagues in the tea room. Linda said sadly that her son hasn’t grown up in this half year. She asked if there was a good way.

Everyone laughed at her alarmism because she was 168 tall and her husband was 183 tall. Have such inborn advantage, still need to worry about child grow not tall?

In fact, Linda’s worry is not unreasonable.

Scientific research shows that 70% of a person’s height is affected by heredity, and 30% depends on the diet, environment and other factors.

Don’t underestimate the 30% postnatal factor, which is the difference of plus or minus 6 cm.

Whether it’s 180 or 168, maybe it’s 30%.

Therefore, parents are tall, which doesn’t mean that children are tall, and vice versa.

In the matter of height, everyone has the chance to counter attack.

Lin Shuhao, an NBA Chinese star, whose parents are less than 1.7m tall, has grown to 1.91M. This has a lot to do with his good diet, daily life and rest habits.

Children’s growth and development is a one-way line, unable to come back, how can we predict the final height of children, and timely intervention?

Here we can use the percentile table of height and weight of children and adolescents made by the growth and Development Research Office of Capital Institute of Pediatrics, based on the survey results of nine provinces and cities in China.

According to the actual age, height and weight of the child, the corresponding position can be found on the table, the abnormality can be found in time, and the final height can be predicted.

For example: a 3-year-old girl, 95.6cm tall, is in the 50th percentile when she looks up the table. That is to say, it is higher than 50% of children of the same age in the survey.

If a child is in this percentile at every stage of growth, her adult height corresponds to 160.6cm at the end of the table.

If your child’s height is about 50% within the age of 2, but later grows to 80%, and has been stable at about 80% since then, he will not worry about growing.

But some of the children were 80% at first, but slowly fell back to 50%, which should be noticed.


Grasp the critical period of growth and intervene in time

When children are young, there is a cartilage belt between the bones, that is, epiphysis line.

Through the X-ray, you can see a separate gap, because with this gap, the bone has the space to stretch.

At the end of a child’s development, the cartilage will calcify into a white line, also known as “growth line”, marking the end of long bone elongation. From then on, the child will not grow tall.

With this in mind, we understand that all height interventions must be carried out before the epiphysis is closed.

Don’t wait. Once the growth line is formed, it’s too late to regret.

If you want your child to grow taller, you have to seize a few golden periods.

First, the golden age: 0-3 years old for foundation, 3-7 years old for stable growth and 8-14 years old for rapid development.

The second is the golden season of the year: in spring, everything grows, and it is also the golden time for children to grow up.

The World Health Organization has published a remarkable report by investigating countries:

Children’s growth rates vary throughout the year, with may to June growing the fastest.

Some foreign experts call may the “May of mystery” because of its remarkable growth.

Generally speaking, the growth of height from March to may can more than double that from September to November.

Therefore, we pay more attention to the height of children in May June, which will have half the effect.


The ultimate secret of Changgao

There are many ways to look at children’s height on the Internet.

After eliminating the rough and the refined, we can sum up 10 words: eat well, sleep well, be in a good mood and exercise frequently.

(1) eat well

To eat well is not to eat too much, nor to eat all kinds of tonics and health products, but to eat nutritionally balanced.

Many parents will buy calcium tablets, vitamin D, even royal jelly, Panax Notoginseng Powder and other supplements for their children to eat.

This is not only ineffective, but also counterproductive.

At present, there is no scientific basis to prove which food alone can make children grow tall, and the State Food and drug administration has not approved any medicine with increased efficacy.

Eating in a comprehensive, healthy and nutritious way is the only way for children to grow up.

Milk alone can not grow tall, but also increases the burden on the kidney;

Heightening drugs and health care products are not only ineffective, but also contain sex hormones that can lead to precocious puberty, speed up the closure of epiphyseal line, and affect the final height of children.

(2) sleep well

As we all know, growth hormone is very important for children to grow up.

The growth hormone is mainly secreted after sleeping at night, and the highest secretion is in two time periods.

One is 21:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m., the other is 6:00-7:00 a.m.

Therefore, children must be in a state of deep sleep during these two periods, which is most conducive to the secretion of growth hormone.

Because most people go to deep sleep only 30-60 minutes after falling asleep, the suggestions of growth and development experts are as follows:

It’s better for children to go to bed before 8:30 in the evening and get up after 7 in the morning. Children with this habit of work and rest are most likely to grow tall.

It should be noted that it is better not to keep the small night light on all the time in the children’s bedroom.

Because turn on the light to sleep will affect the secretion of melatonin, and the decrease of melatonin will cause the secretion of growth hormone to be lower than the normal value and affect the growth of children.

(3) keep children in a happy mood

Clinical research found that depression can affect the secretion of growth hormone in the pituitary gland of children.

If the child is often scolded or scolded, or the family is not harmonious, it may lead to the child’s resistance and depression, which will reduce the secretion of pituitary growth hormone, and eventually lead to the child’s growth speed and short stature.

(4) work out frequently

Research shows that exercise can stimulate the body to secrete growth hormone and promote the development of long bone.

At the same time, sufficient light obtained in outdoor sports can promote the generation of vitamin D, promote calcium absorption, and help bone growth.

Statistics show that children who exercise regularly are 2-3cm higher than those who don’t exercise on average.

In many sports, skipping rope in the appropriate compression of bone, stimulating the growth of bone is particularly obvious.

Even if it’s not convenient for outdoor sports during the epidemic, skipping at home is a good way to exercise.

If you’re worried about your child’s height, don’t miss the moment.

While the epiphysis line of the child is not closed, take advantage of the great spring light, use the right tools and methods to make the child grow long!


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