Today, parenting editors want to tell your mothers the problem of prickly heat.

Well, it’s summer now, the baby is particularly easy to develop prickles, a long time on the endless torment of the baby’s delicate skin, looking at the baby is uncomfortable, mother’s heart is also uncomfortable.

Hot, baby prickly heat how to care for it? In fact, many mothers have nursing errors, today’s editors will give you one by one analysis, come to see you have a good move.

– 4 major mistakes in the prevention and treatment of prickly heat.

Prickly heat is also called fever rash. It can be seen in every age group of babies. I believe many new mothers do not understand the misunderstanding of prevention and treatment of prickly fever. In order to prevent mothers from “going astray”, here are a few common misunderstandings to summarize.

Misunderstanding 1: Ten drops or patchouli Zheng Qi water

Many mothers like to drop ten drops of water into their baby’s bath water or Huoxiang Zheng Xiang Shui, which is cool and comfortable. They think these will help relieve the symptoms of baby’s rash. Actually, it is not scientific to do so. Both are alcoholic and easily absorbed through the skin to the blood, especially the baby’s skin is very delicate, rich in capillaries, more vulnerable. Especially in 10 drops of water there are camphor, dried ginger, rhubarb, fennel, cinnamon, pepper, Eucalyptus oil, these ingredients are not suitable for the symptoms of prickly heat.

Misunderstanding two: prickly heat powder to prevent prickly heat

Prickly heat powder is very comfortable when applied to the skin. Many mothers also like to apply it all over the body after the baby has taken a bath. If the baby has not had prickly heat, applying it is helpful to prevent prickly heat. But if the prickly heat has already developed, the prickly heat powder will only increase the dirt on the pores, irritate the skin, and not to mention the baby. The sweat glands are blocked, sweating is bad, and prickly heat is becoming more and more serious. Girls should pay more attention to the powder with prickly heat is absolutely not, dust easily through the vulva into the vagina and cause infection. Therefore, regardless of prevention and control, do not agree to use prickly heat powder.

Misunderstanding three: bald headed body will not grow prickly heat.

Fangjian earth method, where the long rash on the shave a clean, think that such rash on nowhere to escape, wake up, this is very unscientific. Hair itself has the function of helping to dissipate heat and adjust temperature, but shaving the head weakens this effect, the baby’s scalp is completely exposed, if the sun does not do a good job, the baby’s scalp is easier to sunburn oh. In addition, let the baby naked, it is easy to catch cold, cold and unsightly, but also easy to dirty the skin.

Misunderstanding four: cold water bath cooling to relieve itching

Babies with prickles like to touch cold water, feel more comfortable, so mothers also give their babies cold water bath, which is a big mistake! Taking a shower is absolutely make prickles aggravating the “pit doll trick”. Cool water will make skin capillaries suddenly constricted, sweat glands blocked, sweat can not come out, prickles will be more easily aggravated. Moreover, although the summer wash water is very comfortable, but the baby’s physique is almost a little easy to catch a cold.

– prickly heat prevention method get up –

If you master the prevention of prickly heat, then the baby can be comfortable with the summer, from the threat of prickly heat monarch. Here are some very useful precautionary methods for you.

Keep your skin comfortable: Check your baby regularly for overheating by touching his skin. If it feels hot and slightly damp and sticky, it’s too hot. At this time, we must quickly do cool and refreshing care, wipe with a wet towel, and then blow dry.

Bathing: According to the baby’s sweating situation, generally take a bath 1-2 times a day, with ordinary water wash okay. After the bath, just wipe the baby dry, try not to use talcum powder or prickly heat powder, natural air drying or with the help of a hair dryer can also be.

_CLOTHING: In summer, baby’s clothes should be loose, the material is best cotton, breathable and comfortable perspiration, which can better prevent the production of prickles.

Diet: children with prickly heat should pay attention to a light diet, do not eat too greasy and spicy food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, both water and vitamin supplements.

_Emotion: Baby prickles are very itchy, especially crying, parents to help the baby overcome bad mood, more play with the baby, distract their attention, as far as possible to reduce the baby crying.

Frequent nail clipping: In order to prevent the baby to scratch their own prickles, mothers should give him a timely manicure Oh, to avoid the deterioration of inflammation.

External medicine: control the indoor temperature, frequent bathing and changing clothes, keep the skin clean and dry, prickly heat generally do not need special treatment. If prickly heat is itchy, topical Calamine Lotion can relieve itching.


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