The baby’s legs began to move around the age of 1. Inadvertently, the baby could stand up with a chair. Generally, by 13 months, about three-quarters of children can walk by themselves. At 15 months, most babies can even push or pull toys while walking. But it’s not enough for the baby to learn to walk. If the posture is not correct, it will hurt the baby’s health! Mom, hurry to see if your baby walks like this?

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1. Stumble

At the beginning of learning to walk, all babies will inevitably stumble. Generally, it takes about 3-6 months for the baby to control his steps well. However, if the baby is mature, but it is still easy to fall when walking, we should pay attention to it.

Harm: falling injury and skin abrasion; Bone development problems

Performance: the baby stumbles at the beginning because their muscles are not very strong and their body balance has not been well developed. However, if you find that the baby’s problems have not been improved, the mother should pay more attention, which may be caused by the poor development of the child’s motor function.

Little suggestion: the mother may as well strengthen the exercise of the baby’s leg muscles and take the baby to participate in outdoor activities. If you find that the baby’s condition has not improved, it is recommended to go to the neurology department of the hospital for investigation first. If it is not such a problem, you should go to the pediatric surgery or orthopedics department to check whether it is a bone problem, such as short Achilles tendon. Once it is found, treat and correct the baby as soon as possible.

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Page 1: stumble page 2: inside and outside eight characters page 3: “duck step”

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Page 1: stumble

Page 2: inside and outside eight characters

Page 3: “duck step”

Page 4: riding legs, O-shape

Page 5: X-shaped legs, easy to fall


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