Recently, I often see mothers asking questions backstage, so today I’ll talk about this high incidence oral disease, thrush, which makes infants suffer and mothers worry.

1. What is thrush? Do you often get it?

Thrush is easy to occur in the oral mucosa of the baby. The disease is caused by Candida albicans infection, which belongs to mould infection.

Its symptoms are buccal mucosa, tongue, soft palate, gingiva, lips and so on. Milky white and slightly raised patches can be seen. At the beginning, it is point-shaped and small flakes, which can gradually merge into large pieces, which is not easy to wipe. After strong wiping, it can expose the red wound without bleeding, and sometimes there are white flakes like snow.

Small babies are easy to have thrush, most of them are infants under 2 years old, especially newborns, premature infants and malnourished infants.

The light one does not hurt, or only has the oral discomfort, generally does not affect the milk or eating, only depends on the parents to check carefully can discover;

The more obvious ones may have pain, fidgety, restless sleep, painful expression or crying and refusing to eat when taking milk;

Severe cases may be accompanied by mild fever.

Once the pseudomembrane invades the trachea, intestines, larynx, lungs and other parts, it may cause vomiting, dysphagia, hoarseness or dyspnea.

2. Is thrush serious? How to treat?

As we have said before, it is easy for infants to get thrush, so parents should not panic when they see that the baby’s mouth is abnormal. In fact, thrush is not a major problem. As long as it is found, treated and cared for in time, the baby will soon be OK.

For “mild” thrush:

First, dip the sterile cotton swab in 5% sodium bicarbonate to gently wipe the thrush area, then change the sterile cotton swab to dip in normal saline, wipe off the sodium bicarbonate solution; or first clean the mouth with 2% – 3% sodium bicarbonate, and smear a small amount of borneol or borax glycerin, 3-4 times a day, lasting for about a week.

Small tips: thrush is easy to recur, and it can be cured if the drug is not visible. After the disappearance of the focus, the drug should be continued for several days to avoid recurrence;

For “stubborn” thrush:

Cui Yutao: 1. “Fungicide” drug: the oral fluconazole (Diflucan) can be considered when the nystatin is applied to the oral mucosa. Note: you must get a doctor’s prescription. 2. The dosage of active probiotics should be sufficient each time, which should be at least 1.5 billion live bacteria per time. 3. Remove any disinfectant and articles containing disinfectant in the family environment. 4. Use antibiotics as little as possible. 5. Test the immune function if necessary.

Indications for medical treatment:

● babies are reluctant to eat. Have slight fever, fidgety, should go to the hospital;

● if it is found that the milk clot on the oral mucosa spreads below the pharynx, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment to prevent serious complications such as dyspnea;

● after 5-7 days of treatment, it is still not improved, or thrush is becoming more and more serious.

3. Why does the baby get thrush? How to prevent it?

Mom’s reason

1. Before pregnancy, there is Candida in vagina, which is pregnant without treatment. During delivery, the fetus is infected through the birth canal. About 99% of the newborn thrush is caused by it.

Pay attention to pre pregnancy examination. Once you find yourself suffering from Candida albicans vaginitis, timely treatment, after recovery, pregnancy, cut off the route of infection;

2. Unclean nipples, touching baby’s mouth with fingers, baby toys, towels, bottles, nipples and other products are not up to the standard, which will bring mold into baby’s mouth and cause thrush.

Pay attention to your own health, especially those who are mothers. The clothes should be changed and washed frequently. Mothers of breast milk should pay attention to breast cleaning. They should wash their hands and nipples before feeding each time, but do not use disinfectant towels!

Baby’s reason

1. The resistance is not strong enough. The oral mucosa is delicate. If it is slightly scratched or unclean, it can cause infection.

Therefore, we should do a good job in oral health. After feeding, feed warm boiled water, wash the milk utensils, water cups and tableware in time; do not use unclean things to scrub the baby’s mouth, let alone feed the baby with water and food.

2. Malnutrition, chronic diarrhea or long-term blind use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and hormone drugs are all to blame, which is easy to give thrush a chance.

Therefore, the baby is weak or suffering from dyspepsia, chronic diarrhea and other diseases, should be treated in a timely manner.

Don’t abuse antibiotics and hormone drugs, or all the bacteria will be killed, isn’t it more helpful? It will cause the imbalance of bacteria in the body, but let the fungi take advantage of the situation.

Environmental reasons

Therefore, in daily life, do not “Virgo” upper body, all baby products, including milk bottles, only need to be cleaned, hot water or steam sterilized, do not use chemical disinfectants, too clean may not be a good thing.


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