Now the weather is getting cooler and the temperature difference is getting bigger. Many babies cough easily at this time.

Mothers listened to the baby’s constant cough and cough, which must have been a bold worry.

But why do babies cough?

In addition, how can the cough and cough children be more comfortable?

The answers are all below. Let’s take a look.

First of all, we need to distinguish between what kind of cough the baby is currently in.

Shallow cough

Shallow cough, cough short and rapid, usually in the throat cough.

Shallow cough does not mean that it is ill, but it is a signal that it is possible to be ill.

Deep cough

Deep coughing is coughing in the trachea, bronchus or lungs. It sounds like it’s coming out of the chest. It takes longer to cough once and has phlegm in the throat.


Do not use the amount of secretion to determine whether the baby is shallow cough or deep cough.

Because the whole respiratory system is secretory glands, so shallow cough and deep cough will have secretions.

And shallow cough often makes us feel that the baby’s condition is more serious, a cough will bring out some sputum, a lot of runny nose, in fact, the opposite is true.

Baby runny nose, phlegm is more because of shallow cough when the secretions of the upper respiratory tract cough out more easily, the disease is not serious.

And deep cough, because the location is down, the baby often does not have the ability to cough up the sputum.

At this point you will feel that the baby coughed very hard, or after coughing did not feel relaxed, this time the disease is more serious.

Baby cough, parents can do this to the baby care:

1. keep your baby warm and drink plenty of water.

The 2. one is a humidifier, especially when sleeping.

3., it shouldn’t be too hot. Keep cool and keep your baby warm.

4. Put hot water in the bathroom and close the door, create hot steam, and baby playing with a bath toy sitting in hot steam for 20 minutes, can effectively liquefy phlegm.

5. more pat on the back of the baby, five fingers together and half holding hollow palm, from the back of the waist from the bottom up to shoot.

6. no smoking near baby.

7. if you don’t have a doctor’s advice, please don’t take the medicine to your baby.

Every time a child is coughed and tortured, the parents are eager to take the medicine immediately so that the baby will be good at once.

In fact, as long as you follow the doctor’s advice, plus do a good job of proper home care, you can make the sick little poor children comfortable through the sick period Oh ~


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