At present, there is no special treatment for varicella. The main treatment is antiviral and fever, to prevent secondary infection.

1. For children under 3 years old, the first choice of antiviral drug is acyclovir, which can prevent the spread of chickenpox, 5-10 mg / kg intravenous drip each time, once every 8 hours, for 7-10 days. If the rash within 24 hours of treatment, can reduce symptoms and shorten the course of disease.

2. If the baby’s temperature exceeds 38 ℃, you can give him antipyretic.

3. Prevent secondary infection. After herpes rupture, apply 3% acyclovir eye ointment or 5% acyclovir cream, or 1% – 2% gentian violet. If there is secondary infection after herpes rupture, gentian violet or antibiotic ointment can be applied locally. In severe cases, especially when there are systemic symptoms, antibiotics can be applied.

4. Family care and isolation. Patients with suspected or confirmed varicella should be isolated. Children who go to school or nursery can be isolated at home. If there are other children who have not suffered from chickenpox at home, they should choose another place to live or not share a room with the patient. Isolation should be continued until all herpes is dry and scabby.

5. Open the window regularly. Air circulation can also kill viruses in the air. But when the room is ventilated, attention should be paid to prevent children from catching cold. Let the sun shine on the room as much as possible, open the glass window (the glass can block the ultraviolet rays to kill the virus).

6. Clothes, bedding, towels, dressings, toys and tableware exposed to varicella herpetic fluid should be disinfected by washing, drying, scalding, boiling and burning according to the situation, and should not be shared with healthy people. At the same time, change clothes frequently to keep skin clean.

7. Avoid the baby’s pox and rash by hand. In particular, pay attention not to scratch the face of the pox rash, so as not to be caught herpes purulent infection, if the lesion damage is deep, may leave scars. To prevent this, cut your child’s nails short and keep your hands clean. You can sew a pair of gloves with rough edges out, or wrap his hands with gauze. If the herpes is broken, you can apply 1% purple medicine, if there is suppuration, you can apply antibiotic ointment.


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