It’s never easy to take care of babies. Every day, mothers “work hard” not only as “keepers” of babies, but also as “convenience checkers”. When they see the baby pull out the golden and soft “high-quality stool”, their mothers will show a relaxed and comfortable smile on their faces. However, because gastrointestinal function is not yet mature, babies are easily entangled with constipation.

No, baby A hasn’t pulled stool for 4 days, and it’s killing mom A.

In fact, we have not defecated for several days, which can not be used as a criterion for judging the constipation of our baby. As long as the baby’s defecation process is relaxed, loose stool, golden color, and no other sundries, that means that the baby is just saving up, there is no need to worry too much.

The criteria for infant constipation are——

Baby’s defecation process is difficult and painful.

Low stool volume, dry, dark color, sometimes the odor is more obvious.

Simply put: hard defecation + dry stool.

So, how to alleviate baby constipation?

1. Changing the Baby’s Dietary Structure

This is the most basic and important point.

Some babies only like to eat meat after adding supplementary food, but do not like to eat fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in dietary fiber, which is easy to cause constipation. You know, insoluble dietary fiber is the skeleton of stool, which can “suck” the metabolized food residues together and swell when it meets water, thus making stool soft and easy to drain, and not stay in the intestine.

Therefore, in order to keep the baby away from constipation, eating more dietary fiber-rich foods is a key step. Among the foods we often eat, broccoli, cabbage, peas, kidney beans, mushrooms, plums, plums, potatoes and so on, are the best high-fibre foods, which can be eaten by babies appropriately.

2. Increase the amount of exercise to “move” the intestine

If dietary fiber can increase the “internal force” of intestinal tract, then exercise can promote the “external force” of intestinal peristalsis, and can also play a very good role in alleviating constipation.

Therefore, when the baby is awake, the mother can let the baby lie on her stomach and crawl more. When the baby is older, guide the baby to move more and jump more. In this way, the baby’s intestinal vitality comes up, and the constipation problem will be alleviated.

3. Help babies develop good defecation habits

It may surprise mothers that many babies don’t like defecation nowadays, mostly because toys are too funny or mobile phones are too funny. When the convenience signal is not so “strong”, some babies will quietly “push back” the convenience with “endurance” and then continue the game in hand. I have such a baby beside me. Mingming is already 3 years old. He has learned to defecate by himself, but he is used to “suffocating”. Several times, he even pulled his pants directly because he was really “unbearable”.

So, if you want your baby to stay away from constipation, your mother has to teach her baby a good lesson about the importance of defecation.

Here are some pictorial books related to defecation –“Shit Changing”, “My Magic Toilet”, “Shit Superman” and “I Will Go to the Toilet”. These books are very vivid and interesting. They can help babies develop good defecation habits. Mothers can choose the right one for their babies according to their age.

In general, defecation is a comprehensive reflection of the baby’s eating habits, work and rest habits and living habits. Only when the mother has done every step well, the baby can stay away from constipation and be no longer troubled by the “shi problem”.


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