Many mothers will find that breast milk baby’s stool is golden soft stool, and milk powder baby’s stool will be slightly harder, and even add supplementary food baby, about 6-7 months old began to have a shape of strip stool. In my life, I often hear some parents say that babies eat milk powder and get constipated. Actually, really, let the baby constipation of this black pot, milk powder can not back.

Some parents may be superstitious or follow the previous generation’s assertion that milk powder is dried from liquid milk into powder, making it “hot” during the baking process and causing constipation when the baby drinks the milk powder. Here I would like to do some science popularization for your parents, baby constipation is a kind of abnormal digestion and metabolism of food nutrients into the body. The main cause of constipation usually is improper feeding. If it is not to be associated with milk powder “constipation” relationship, Bao Da Bao Mu also have to pay attention to reflection, usually enough to feed? Or is the milk too thick when it is poured? These methods can cause constipation, but not milk powder, but related to inappropriate feeding.

See baby constipation so uncomfortable, and even crying, I believe many parents are very distressed. Since we know that baby constipation is related to feeding errors, then we should correct these errors, try to change the feeding method, let the baby re-regulate the lower gastrointestinal tract, in order to stay away from constipation.

Correctly adjust the milk powder. As mentioned above, because parents do not follow the instructions on how much water to mix with how much milk powder, the milk powder will be too thin or too thick, resulting in inadequate or excessive intake of milk baby, both cases will also cause constipation. Therefore, correct milk powder can avoid constipation.

Absorb enough dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can promote defecation, the baby should pay attention to the usual supplementary food intake of fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber foods. And complementary food should be made into the shape of baby chewing, swallowing and digesting easily. Babies who do not have teeth should eat muddy supplements. Babies who already have teeth with chewing ability are advised to chop vegetables into small pieces and not cook them for too long to prevent loss of dietary fiber.

Absorb enough water. Drink plenty of water to replenish the body moisture, and can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that stool does not dry and easy to discharge. So in addition to drinking milk at ordinary times, Bao Bao mom should also let the baby drink more water.

In addition to the above mentioned feeding methods, in the usual care of babies, Bao Da Bao Mom should also pay attention to taking more exercise with their babies. Because the lack of exercise of the baby, gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive function than the exercise of the baby poor, constipation is more likely. Therefore, take more babies to exercise, and pay attention to replenish water, can promote defecation of the baby.

In addition, a green therapy is now popular, that is, child massage. For baby constipation, generally in the navel position for massage, but also can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote defecation. Under the treatment of professional massage for children, constipation can also be relieved. However, for babies with long-term constipation, sometimes too hard constipation can be alleviated with children’s Kaiseru, but attention should be paid to avoid long-term use of Kaiseru, so as not to develop dependence on the baby’s defecation and can not defecate themselves. Mom and Dad do not worry, because gastrointestinal conditioning takes some time, but in any case must adhere to the correct way of feeding and care, so that the baby can gradually get rid of constipation.


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