But if the cough is too severe, affecting the diet, sleep and rest, it will lose its protective significance. Therefore, for the baby cough, we must identify what causes, and then symptomatic treatment. Never listen to a cough, immediately think it is a cold, pneumonia, make blind treatment.

1. Cough caused by common cold

Symptoms: Baby sleepy, runny nose, sometimes accompanied by fever, body temperature does not exceed 38 ℃; The symptoms disappeared after sweating and fever subsided. The cough continued for 3-5 days.

Suggestion: generally do not need special treatment, feed your baby more warm water, ginger juice or onion water. Try to use less cold medicine, baby fidgety, fever, can give a little child Xin oral; Do not use adult antipyretic drugs, not to feed cough syrup, cough tablets and other cough medicine, not to abuse antibiotics.

2. Cold air irritating cough

Symptoms: light sputum, no fever, no shortness of breath and other accompanying symptoms.

Suggestion: let the baby accept the temperature change exercise since childhood. Often take your baby to outdoor activities, even in the cold season should also adhere to, only through the exercise of the respiratory tract can withstand the cold air stimulation.

3. Cough caused by pharyngitis

Symptoms: hoarseness, purulent sputum, cough up less, most were swallowed. Older babies will complain of sore throat; Babies who can’t express often show irritability and refuse to feed.

Suggestion: seek medical advice in time and treat symptomatically after diagnosis.


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