Experts teach you six simple and correct ways to reduce fever, so which ways can parents deal with fever in advance at home before they take their baby to the doctor? Comprehensive expert’s advice, the right way to reduce fever should be the following six.

1. Maintain air flow at home:

If there is air-conditioning in the house, keep the room temperature between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius. Children can be placed in the air-conditioning room or blown around an electric fan, so that the body temperature slowly drops, so that children will feel more comfortable. But if their limbs are cold and shivering, it means they need warm, so they need to be covered with blankets.

2. Take off too much clothing:

If the baby’s limbs and hands and feet are warm and sweating all over the body, indicating the need for heat dissipation, you can wear less clothes.

3. Warm water bath:

Unwrap the baby’s clothes and rub it up and down with a warm water (37 C) towel, so that the vasodilation of the baby’s skin will release the body gas. In addition, when the water vapor evaporates from the body surface, it will absorb body heat.


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