To check eye diseases by observing children’s eye color

1. A flashlight can be used to illuminate the pupil of a baby at night. If the pupil of a child has a yellow reflection like a cat’s eye, it indicates that the child may have congenital malignant retinoblastoma. If the child is confirmed to have this disease by the hospital, the eyeball of the child can be removed in the first and second stages of the disease to save his life. If the disease develops to stage 3 or 4, the tumor tissue will metastasize to the brain along the optic nerve, and it will be difficult to save the child’s life at that time.

2. In the light of a flashlight, if the child’s eyes are white or grayish white (called white pupil in medicine), it indicates that the child may have congenital cataract. If confirmed by the hospital, the cataract operation can be performed when the child is 2-3 years old. Children should not be over 5 years old at the latest. If the surgical treatment is late, it will make the children have masking amblyopia, and the treatment is very difficult. If we wait until the children grow up to do cataract surgery, because of its serious amblyopia, it will lose the value of surgery.

3. If your child’s eyeball is larger than that of other children in the same month after birth, and the eyeball is cyan gray; Its eye benevolence is also large, like bovine eye (commonly known as bovine eye disease), which is the manifestation of congenital glaucoma, should be immediately treated by surgery, can not be delayed. The operation should be carried out no later than three months after the discovery of the disease. If the operation is too late, the children will be blind due to high intraocular pressure, resulting in optic atrophy.

4. After the birth of the child, if the white eyeball turns red, and one or both sides of the eye become smaller (compared with the other side of the child’s eye or other children’s eye in the same month), this is the manifestation of acute iritis. These children often lose sight within two weeks. If the child is found suffering from this disease, it should be sent to the hospital immediately.


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