In midsummer, beautiful mothers will pay special attention to sunscreen when they go out to avoid sunburn. And for the baby with delicate skin, we should pay more attention to skin care and sun protection under the scorching sun, so as to keep the baby’s skin white and tender. Skin care is not a woman’s patent, baby also needs skin care, how to give baby skin care? Do moms know? Next, I’d like to introduce the three skills of baby’s skin care in summer!

Baby’s skin care in summer: wash frequently

Usually pay attention to skin care mothers should know that the first procedure of skin care is skin cleaning, skin care for the baby is also the same yo. If you want your baby to have white and tender skin, you should clean your baby’s skin.

1. Wash your face

Mothers should clean the baby’s face every day, and gently scrub the baby’s face with a soft towel or gauze. For children who often drool or spit milk, mothers should help the baby wipe the dirt on the chin and neck in time to keep the skin clean and dry.

2. Take a bath

In the hot summer, mothers bathe their babies every day, and pay special attention to the cleaning of skin wrinkles (neck, armpit, groin) when bathing. After bathing the baby, you can gently apply talcum powder or prickly heat powder to the baby, especially the buttocks, armpits, legs, neck and other parts, but each time the dosage should not be too much.

Baby’s skin care in summer: sun protection

1. Sun visor

Sunshade cap is the first choice of physical sunscreen for babies in summer. It can not only shield the baby from ultraviolet rays, but also make the baby’s shape more lovely and likable. To choose a sunshade cap for your baby, you should first choose pure cotton, which has the advantages of air permeability and sweat absorption, and light color is better. The brim should be wide enough to keep out the sun.

2. Sunscreen

Baby’s skin is tender and easy to get sunburnt in summer. It’s best to apply sunscreen for baby when taking baby out. However, the baby within 6 months is not suitable to use sunscreen, it is better to let him stay in the shade or under the umbrella. After the baby is 2 years old, you can buy them some spray or foam type sunscreen.

3. Suitable clothes

Take the baby out in summer, in terms of clothing, in addition to choose pure cotton texture, loose, light color, but also consider as far as possible to cover the limbs. It’s not suitable to wear a vest when you go out. Although it’s cool, it’s less cloth and can’t block the sun and prevent mosquitoes.

Eat more vegetables and fruits in summer

Baby summer skin care, in addition to frequent washing, sun protection, white skin can also eat out. The white and sunscreen meal mainly consists of red orange fruits and vegetables, food and dark green leafy vegetables.

1. Vegetables

Such as carrots, tomatoes, papaya, pumpkin, etc., help to antioxidant, enhance skin resistance. Tomato is rich in antioxidant lycopene, 16 mg lycopene per day can reduce the risk factor of sunburn by 40%.

2. Fruits

Vitamin C can be called the king of whitening, repairing the skin after sun can eat more fruit containing vitamin C. For example, guava, kiwi, strawberry, tomato or citrus.

3. Fish

The study found that eating fish three times a week protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. Eating fish for a long time can also provide a natural protection similar to sunscreen for the baby, whiten the skin, and rich fish protein can make the baby smarter.

Baby summer skin care, the above three skills are very effective yo, mothers learned it? In addition, the summer baby sweating, skin care should pay attention to drink more water, timely supplement the loss of water, so that the baby can have a tender and white skin.


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