Asian children’s eye whites should be grayish white

The white part of the outer edge of the eyeball is often referred to as eye white, and is medically referred to as the sclera. In daily life, when people see children with clear blue eyes, they can’t help but say, “How beautiful these children’s eyes are!” In fact, some studies have shown that the sclera of Asian children should have turned gray.

Why do some children have blue sclera? This should start from the perspective of human physiology. Because the human sclera is composed of collagen tissue, and iron in the body is an important cofactor in the synthesis of collagen. If there is a lack of iron in the body and insufficient collagen synthesis, the sclera will become thinner and cannot effectively cover the brownish black choroid inside the eyeball. In natural sunlight, it will appear light blue.

The child’s “blue eyes” may be anemic

Children’s eyes turn blue, and most people are unaware that this is an early sign of iron deficiency anemia. So, if the eyes turn blue, the first thing to consider is anemia. Early and correct treatment of “blue eyes” is the key to preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia in children.

The most important thing for “blue eyed” children is to correct their iron deficiency anemia. Parents can, under the guidance of a doctor, give their children some iron supplements such as ferrous sulfate syrup, but more importantly, supplement their diet with iron and increase iron rich foods such as refined meat, eggs, animal blood, seafood, soy products, milk, green leafy vegetables, etc.


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