There are many reasons for children’s molars: 1. Intestinal parasitic diseases: Ascaris toxins stimulate the intestinal tract, will accelerate intestinal peristalsis, cause indigestion, periumbilical pain, sleep disturbance; If toxins stimulate nerves, causing nerve excitation, and causing molars. Enterobius vermicularis also secretes toxins and causes itching of the anus, affecting children’s sleep and making molar sounds. Parents generally believe that the main cause of molars is parasites, but in recent years, due to the improvement of hygienic habits and conditions, the molars caused by parasites have retreated to the secondary position.

2. Mental stress: Many children watch thrilling fighting TV at night and play excessively before going to bed. Mental stress can also cause molars. If something is scolded by parents for a long time, it causes depression, anxiety and anxiety, which is also an important reason for molars at night.

3. Disorder of digestive function; children eat too much at night and accumulate a lot of food in their intestines when they fall asleep. The gastrointestinal tract has to work overtime. Because of the heavy burden, it will cause involuntary molars when they sleep.

4. Unbalanced nutrition: Some children have the habit of picky eating, especially not eating vegetables, resulting in nutritional imbalance, resulting in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and trace elements deficiency, resulting in the involuntary contraction of facial masticatory muscles at night, teeth will grind back and forth.

5. Dysplasia of teeth.


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