In autumn, children’s diarrhea symptoms continue to haunt your baby. Some mothers think that adult diarrhea will naturally get better in a few days. They take the baby’s diarrhea treatment lightly, but in fact, the baby’s diarrhea can produce complications. If it is not given properly, it will be fatal at any time. The symptoms of diarrhea in children in autumn can lead to the following four complications:

1 electrolyte disorder and dehydration. Frequent diarrhea will cause a large loss of water and electrolyte in the body, never leading to dehydration and electrolyte disorder. If dehydration is severe, it can progress to renal failure. Low blood potassium can cause intractable abdominal distension, and low blood calcium can cause hand and foot cramps. Ou Qiang, Department of infection, Shanghai Tongji Hospital

2 malnutrition. If diarrhea becomes chronic or persists, it will cause malnutrition. Malnutrition can further reduce the immunity of children, and can easily cause various infections, such as thrush, bronchopneumonia, tuberculosis and so on.

Viral myocarditis. In addition to invading the intestinal tract, some enteroviruses can also invade the heart, causing viral myocarditis, resulting in chest tightness, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and even arrhythmia.

4 intussusception. Frequent diarrhea, loss of normal rhythm of intestinal peristalsis, continuous local spasm of intestinal ring muscle, severe peristalsis of proximal intestine, and pushing the convulsed intestinal segment into the distal intestinal segment to cause intussusception. If the child vomits frequently, reduces the number of stools and has abdominal distension, pay attention to the occurrence of early intussusception.

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