1) choose breastfeeding

It is best to give breast milk to the baby after birth and ensure sufficient breast milk quantity, because breast milk is the most ideal food for the baby, because the concentration of oligosaccharides in breast milk is very high, up to 8-12g / L or more, and there are more than 130 kinds of oligosaccharides, especially galactooligosaccharides, followed by fructooligosaccharides, which exist in the intestinal tract in the form of short chain sugars, In the gut can quickly improve the reproduction of beneficial bacteria, will not let the baby get angry.

2) drinking clean powder

The baby gets angry can choose special baby to go to fire complementary food or medicine commonly.

3) pay attention to daily diet

A. eat more clear fire vegetables, avoid spicy, greasy, high calorie food, and pay attention to eat less onion, pepper, pepper and other spicy food for your baby; At the same time, you can also make some Quhuo soup, such as mung bean soup,

B. fruit is not only rich in nutrition, but also can help digestion. It can reduce the incidence of heat if children often eat more fruit, especially seasonal fruit, or make fruit into delicious fruit salad to attract children to eat.

4) reasonable daily work and rest

To cultivate the baby’s habit of drinking boiled water, replenish the water needed by the baby’s body, and clean up the intestines and eliminate waste. In daily life to ensure that the baby has enough sleep, but also pay attention to keep the indoor environment fresh, let the child keep a happy mood. In addition, we should also consider the combination of work and rest, must not let the child fatigue.


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