A. Sleeping and snoring

Some babies snore quickly after they fall asleep. Mothers should be aware that snoring does not mean that the baby sleeps soundly or soundly, but is a sign of illness.

Zhu Xiaohua, director of health care department of Zhengzhou Children’s Hospital, introduced that snoring indicated that the baby’s respiratory tract was not smooth. If the respiratory tract is not smooth, it will cause the baby’s brain to be chronically hypoxic during sleep, leading to the baby’s sleepiness the next day, which will affect the baby’s attention and intellectual development for a long time.

Response measures:

Baby snoring may be caused by incorrect sleeping posture. This situation causes snoring, as long as the baby’s pillow is not too high, pay attention not to let the baby’s neck “nest” live on it. But if you snore regularly, you should consider whether there is adenoid, tonsil hypertrophy obstruction of the respiratory tract caused by apnea, need to go to the hospital otolaryngology or respiratory department.

Can let the baby sleep in the hospital for a night, do a sleep breathing test, see oxygen saturation ah, EEG ah. If the oxygen saturation in sleep is lower than a certain index, surgical treatment should be considered to remove the tissue that affects airway patency.


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