Babies with eczema is a very common phenomenon, red ideas not only make babies uncomfortable but also harmful to beauty. When the baby has eczema, severe itching can make the baby very painful, but also make many mothers very entangled. How should mothers help their babies treat eczema scientifically? I have sorted out four principles for this, let’s take a look at them together.

Nursing Principle 1: Babies with eczema should not touch water too frequently

In winter, take a bath once a day or every other day. When bathing, do not overheat the water temperature, do not use bathing products containing alkaline larger, do not bathe when eczema is serious or exudation, especially in the affected areas do not contact water, for children with scabs, you can use vegetable oil (olive oil) wipe, so that the scab gradually soften.

Many little babies like to cry, tears will flow out along the corners of their eyes, where they are impregnated with tears, if not dried in time, the skin will dry and desquamate over a long period of time, resulting in a small rash, which is because the tears contain salt, which will stimulate the skin to cause skin rash. Another situation is that many parents pay more attention to hygiene, baby often bathe and wash their faces, after washing, because they do not use moisturizing skin care products in time, resulting in baby skin dryness, and then cause eczema.

Nursing Principle 2: Babies with eczema should avoid sunshine as much as possible

Although the temperature is low, we should avoid too much sunshine, too thick clothes, sweat stimulation, loose clothes, cotton fabric is the most appropriate, do not let sweaters, blankets, chemical fibers and other contact with the skin. Baby’s clothes, diapers and pillow towels should be washed and changed frequently. The detergent must be washed thoroughly.

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Page 1: Less exposure to water and more exposure to the sun

Page 2: Requirements for the External Environment

Page 3: Points for Attention in Diet


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